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A New Diet Beginning, Starting Life Anew

Have you ever wished that you could just wipe the slate clean and start all over again? If you're dieting - you can certainly do that! At this point, you've got a good idea of what works and what doesn't work for you while dieting.

You know those hidden pitfalls, what triggers binge eating, what foods keep you feeling satisfied for longer and so forth.

If you're tried dieting and feel like you'll never, ever, never reach your weight loss goals - try, try, try again because yes, you can do this. For years, I hopped on and off of diets. I would last a couple of months during my finest Diet Hours, and a couple of hours during my worst.

When I finally decided that I was going to lose the weight, regardless, it happened!  Over 100 pounds - and yes, it took about a year, but oh yes, I did it!

Know what?

So can you - whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 300 pounds or more! I'm here routing for you! Make that new beginning and start anew. You can do this!

Loving Those New Numbers on Your Weight Loss Scales

The success that you achieve in weight loss and in your overall fitness plan depends on several things, but at the top of the list is, "How bad do I want to do this?"

If you want it bad enough, it will happen. And yes, you'll have weak moments and times when you're ready to just toss in that sweaty towel!  BUT - BUT!!! By sticking to your plan, you'll get to that place that you 'so want to be at'.  

Here are some diet tips that will help get you there:

Start and end your day with God. Talk to Him a lot; I would imagine that even with all of the millions of people in the world, God gets lonely at times.

As humans, we tend to absorb our thoughts into what is happening around us, and even though we are Christians, when we talk with God, our mind is often times on other things. So when you talk with God, REALLY talk with God.

Rather than continually asking God for things, or proof of His power, try thanking Him for all things that He has done and has given to you. Without the moon, the sun and the stars that shine, we couldn't exist!

Can you imagine what God's request list must be like?

People asking everything from 'God, please let my team win the football game' to 'God, please make me financially wealthier'.

Sometimes, when we pause and consider what God wants from us in life, then we know what to do. He indeed WANTS you to lead a healthy life, a prosperous life - but many times, intervention just isn't in His Plan. He's The Coach, but you've got the ball. 

Sometimes, He wants to see what we can do, where we go, where we take our lives. And if we succeed OR fail, He wants to find out if we leave Him standing on the sidelines, or if we take Him with us.

I have a dear new friend who saves his 'clout' as time goes by. There have been multiple times when he could have reminded others of the favor they owe him - yet he continues to let his goodwill build. One day, when he really needs a favor returned - it's a given!  Smart man, my friend.

Now, I'm certainly not implying that God grants favors in exchange for favors or good deeds; His is God, after all! It's just that one day in life you'll really need God's help; it may be a life or death matter. That prayer will certainly stand out, wouldn't you think?

So run with the ball, and show what you can do! With God's strength behind you, you're bound to score touchdown after touchdown! You know what to do....

Ways to Love Your Diet

God shows us through His teachings that love is the strongest tie in the universe. It binds, it forgives, it mends, it changes our thoughts, it's immeasurable, it's always a gift!

To succeed at dieting, one must first, love their own self and next, love - or at least strongly like, their diet plan! If either element is missing, losing weight becomes more difficult. Some tips that can assist:

1. Make sure that you are getting enough fiber in your daily diet - which can make you feel full for longer periods of time. Examples: 1/2 cup of beans; 1 serving of oatmeal

2. Enjoy healthy snacks and treats AND be sure to include your favorite 'not-as-healthy' treats, too in moderation. You'll be more apt to stay on your diet.

3. It's a very good time to try new activities. From bowling to shooting hoops, all get the body moving, the blood pumping, and help decrease the numbers on your scales.

4. Chart your success and stay on course; adjust your Diet Sails when necessary to ensure smooth sailing.

5. If you discover that your diet isn't working, it's time to switch things up.

6. Plan your meals in advance. It's much easier to think about what you want to eat than when you're starving at mealtime!

7. Pray for strength and willpower!

Not A Lost Diet Cause

Did you ever feel that no matter what you do, you're going to be wrong? That even before you set out, you're going to do something to mess it all up. You just can't win for losing....

Many people feel that way when it comes to dieting. They try, they fail, they pause, they lose cause. They fall back to their former eating habits and as time marches onward, they are once again seized with thoughts of weight loss.  

Weight loss can be a very overwhelming process. One really great weight loss tip is to break up the amount of weight that you want to lose into tiny increments. If you need to lose 100 pounds, focus on ten at a time. I thought of this trick when I lost over 100 pounds many years ago, and it was the best motivator for me. Losing weight is definitely NOT a lost cause.

Diets Can Be Confusing

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to dieting. So much misinformation, popular fad diets, gadgets that promote weight loss and tighten every area imaginable on the body - to miracle drugs and foods. So where is an individual seeking weight loss to turn?

We recommend turning to the Healthy Food Pyramid. Begin by embracing foods closest to their original state. Rather than apple pie, enjoy the simple, natural apple.

Next, sticking to three meals each day will help ensure proper nutrition, as well as keep blood sugar levels stable. Avoid reaching for second helpings.

Next, add a couple of healthy snacks each day, such as the healthy natural fruit listed above.  

Add at least 15 minutes of activity, such as a nice brisk walk each day.

Finally, keep your thoughts busy - not allowing room for Diet Failure. Whether it's knitting, watching the kids play or having fun playing with the kids - activities that keep the brain stimulated in a positive manner are just as important as embracing a healthy meal and exercise when it comes to the overall level of health. 

The Cracked Diet Vessel

Long ago, there used to be a popular joke that went something like this....  "When he was born, he broke the mold."

Many times, the hardest part about a task is simply getting started. We envision what will happen, what we want to accomplish and we can practically taste our dreams. If only we could step forward and get the ball rolling....

Many people are like this when it comes to dieting. They continually put it off until another day. As time goes forward, they may gain more weight, which means that the task of weight loss is a more difficult journey.

If you're feeling a bit like a Diet Procrastinator, break the Diet Mold and move forward. Don't allow your 'Will' to overrule your desires and visions in life. You know what you want, and where you truly want to go!

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