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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our Free Weight Loss Program details Sky's weight loss success over a decade ago which began shortly after the holidays.

Good things can happen when we put our minds to it AND great things can happen when we toss our spirit into the mix.

How Long Should My Diet Plan Last After the Excess Weight is Gone?

This common mistake is generally the reason why post dieters end up gaining more weight than they just lost.

Dieting Lasts Forever

Fact is, in order for a successful dieter to retain their new slimmer shape they must remain on a similar diet plan for the remainder of their lives - perhaps not as severe, but with certainty a daily diet which does not exceed their necessary caloric intake.

No more spontaneous dipping into the cookie jar to enjoy all the cookies they want; no more Mexican fiestas followed by Italian brick ovens and so forth.

The post dieter's daily diet must contain the amount of food (energy) necessary to support the leaner shape. If calories are in excess, that excess gets stored within the fat cells which in turn adds pounds to the weight scales.

Saying Yes to Occasional Treats, Favorite Foods

All of this isn't to say that the successful dieter can't ever have a cookie, a Mexican fiesta or an Italian brick oven.

What's life without inserting a few good things?

The key? FEW. A FEW good things. For it the post dieter goes on a binge and sucks down a dozen cookies, they will surely put on weight UNLESS they have not exceeded their necessary daily total of calories.

In Summary

Weight Maintenance doesn't come easily and requires savvy monitoring and patience similar to weight loss.

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