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The Weekender Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Wednesday - Hump day!  Only two more days of the work week and the Diet Week left!  You should be feeling pretty proud of your accomplishments.  

Don't forget to add your two snacks and diet-wise beverages.

Wednesday Breakfast Menu - Free Weekender Diet Menu

Enjoy the following for breakfast:

One 200 calorie bagel with a spoon of light cream cheese

1 cup of fresh strawberries

1 cup of skim milk, coffee with creamer and no calorie sweetener or tea with no calorie sweetener or unsweetened tea

Wednesday Lunch Menu - Free Weekender Diet Menu

Enjoy the following for lunch:

A bowtie pasta salad consisting of the following:  1 cup of bowtie pasta, 1 teaspoon of chopped bell pepper, 1 teaspoon of chopped onion, 2 chopped olives that have been stuffed with pimentos, 2 ounces of chopped chicken breast, 1 Tablespoon of Light Mayo, salt, pepper.

1 small bread stick

1 cup of grapes (may be added to pasta salad if desired)

Wednesday Dinner Menu - Free Weekender Diet Menu

Enjoy the following for dinner:

1 grilled cheese sandwich - Prepare by spraying 70-calorie or less bread with butter flavored cooking spray, then toasting on top of the stove until golden. Place 1 slice of 70-calorie slice cheese in the middle of the toasted bread.  

1 cup of tomato soup prepared with water or skim milk

5 saltine crackers

1 plum

The Activity Factor

What did you do today that would be considered active? Did you walk x-amount of steps? Did you take a hike? What about sports? Did you play touch football or shoot basketball hoops? If you went to the store, did you park a good distance from the door so that you'd get in a good walk or did you drive around for 10 minutes, waiting for a spot close to the door?

Speaking of the store, you know those electric carts that are available that allow shoppers to ride rather than walk through the store? Do you often see morbidly obese individuals using them? It's quite sad, isn't it? They have gotten too fat to walk. It's that simple. And the excess body weight is also causing unnecessary health issues which threaten their quality of life as well as their longevity.

If that's not enough motivation to get us to moving, then what will it take? Do you really want to end up riding through the market rather than walking? Do you prefer a wheelchair over walking? I'm sure there are many individuals who are in wheelchairs due to medical conditions which have absolutely nothing to do with body weight - and who would leap to trade places with those of us who can walk - yet fail to do such.

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