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The Weekender Diet Plan

This diet plan allows dieters to take off on the weekend from their diet.

Written by Diet Bites

The Weekender Diet was created by Diet Bites with the working dieter in mind.

Yeah, we know how it is - you hit the bricks Monday through Friday and once the work week is over you just don't feel like dieting. You're tired, out of energy - and become a human with few desires.  A little tv, some video games, a bit of shopping and dining out - oooh, fast food sounds good.  And yes, perhaps even a little swinging in the old hammock.

Unfortunately, the majority of diet plans are a bit like our jobs - they don't allow time off except on the weekends, those two days which become more precious than a car that gets fifty miles to the gallon.

Okay, perhaps not that precious, but I'm sure you get our drift.

With that said, if the work force allows a two-day reprieve, then why not a diet?  After all, the boss expects the workers to return on Monday - fresh, sharp and rested.  They don't fear that the worker will wallow in relaxation so deep that they won't appear on Monday morning.

But for some reason, we can't apply the same reasoning to dieting because the greatest fear of a two-day Diet Reprieve is that the dieter will forget all about the diet and skip off into the Land of Milk and Honey Buns, never to appear for Diet Duty again.  If this thought sounds tempting to you, then the Weekender Diet may not be for you.

On the other Diet Hand, if you feel strong in your desire to lose weight and to keep it off forever, then you may love our Weekender Diet. And as always, Diet Bites recommends that you get your doctor's thumbs up before going on any weight loss plan.

The Weekender Diet Plan is based on the Food Pyramid and contains about 1,350 daily calories.  If you are in need of losing more than fifty pounds, you may wish to increase your minimum daily calorie intake to 1,500 calories.  

Physical Activity for the Weekender Diet Plan

Before we get to the menus, let's address activity.  On Monday through Friday make an effort to walk at least one mile. A pedometer can be purchased for about three bucks at your local Wal-Mart, sport's center or dollar store.  Strap the pedometer on before heading out in the morning.  

As a note, the best form of walking occurs when we do our walking all in one timeframe.  However, in our experience exercise appears to be a chief reason that people quit their weight loss plan.  In addition, individuals who have a lot of weight to lose just can't break out in heavy exercise.  By the way, if you have a lot of weight to lose, work up to that one mile slowly rather than trying to get there all at once.

If by the end of the day you haven't walked a mile, then finish up your mile before the day is out (once you are comfortable walking the one mile).  Be sure to walk when it's cool and avoid the heat.  And be sure to take along some water to hydrate.

For an even faster rate of weight loss, work up to two miles per day, then three.

Mental Activity for the Weekender Diet Plan

During Monday through Friday we want you to take up a hobby that you really enjoy.  Whether it's putting together puzzles, playing on the net, quilting, sewing, painting, reading, watching tv - whatever you enjoy doing!  This will keep your mind off the refrigerator and focused on the thing(s) that you like to do.  If you must have a snack, then save your snacks for the day and enjoy them during your Mental Activity time.

Fluids & Beverages to Hydrate for the Weekender Diet Plan

Be certain to incorporate adequate fluids into your diet throughout the day - about 8 cups of water, more if you are fighting a heat wave.  Enjoy diet sodas as you please OR water with lemon and no calorie sweetener OR tea sweetened with no calorie sweetener OR Crystal Light - OR any diet-wise drinks throughout your day containing 20 calories or less per serving, although water should be your chief source of fluid intake.

About Food Additives

Use scants amount of sugar when sweetening if you don't like sugar substitutes.  Same applies to butter.  Catsup, mustard, horseradish, peppers and low calorie sauces can also be used to add oomph to your meals.  The key is not to go A-I-P and to use additives with minimal calories.  

Meals for the Weekender Diet Plan

Click here to choose from meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner OR if you'd prefer detailed recipes for the Weekender Diet, you can find those free diet menus by clicking here.  Oh - another plus of the Weekender Diet is that on Friday evening you get to enjoy fast food. We'll even provide the menu selections.  For snack choices, click here.

The Weekend & Dieting

And finally we must address the weekend. To achieve weight loss you obviously can't run amuck on the weekends but you don't have to count every fat gram, carb and calorie.  Simply enjoy three meals and two snacks per day. Stick to single servings and avoid those all you can eat joints.  Avoid over-stuffing your tummy but do eat until you are full. You don't want to gain back the weight that you've worked so hard on ditching throughout the week. On Monday, report for Diet Duty refreshed, sharp and renewed.

Diet Bites Weekender Diet Plan With Free Daily Detailed Menus

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

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