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Size - Body Measurements of Marilyn Monroe

Written by Diet Bites

Marilyn Monroe - Tudball or Svelte Beauty Queen?

She was the apple of the American Public Eye - but was that apple plump or was it the perfect size?  

Many modern day weight loss gurus would consider Marilyn Monroe on the plump size based on speculation that she was a size 14-16.  Do you agree?  

Here are some facts to help in your decision:

Body Measurements of Marilyn Monroe

Body Weight: varied from 118 - 140 pounds
Height: About 5' 5"

Measurements: About 36-22-36

Human Body Constantly Evolving Through Eras of Time

Another thing to consider is that Marilyn Monroe lived in a different era. Clothing is sized by manufacturers and clothing designers, based on the average size of 'current individuals'.

In our best guesstimate, Marilyn was about a size 8-12,depending on whether she purchased her dress at a high-end store or a low-budget store. The high-end, or more expensive stores tend to make clothing a bit larger. A size 8 might be the same as a size 12 in a low-end store. And we can't see Marilyn shopping at a low-budget store.

Americans are Getting Fatter Over Time

In this current era of 'Seeking Slimness' society tends to go over the edge in what should be considered 'acceptably thin', so the dieter should take that into consideration when setting their weight loss and fitness goals. 

If we examine our history, the individual who was in their adult years in the 1950's was about twenty pounds thinner than the one in today's world.

And due to the ever-changing Clothing Size Wars, perhaps the best gauge for slimness rests its laurels on actual measurements rather than clothing size.

Although clothing sizes can change - whether manufacturer or designer driven, it's pretty difficult to change one's actual measurements.

Was Marilyn Monroe Fat or Thin?

In our eyes, she was a size perfect! Take a look at those hubba-hubba Marilyn Monroe measurements again.

Of course, everyone sees a particular issue differently. There will be a number of people who think she was fat or overweight while another group will think she was too thin.

This goes to show us that we cannot please everyone, so as the great Ricky Nelson song suggested - we have to please our self.

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