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Counting Fat Grams for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can counting fat grams assist with weight loss?

Counting fat grams for weight loss was a very hot method for losing weight a few years ago.

A sweet couple that I know actually achieved great weight loss success using this method.  

Basically, they consumed no more than 30 grams per day.  However, once the weight was gone, and they quit counting fat grams, the weight quickly returned.

Limiting Fats in the Daily Diet for Health, Weight Control

Regardless of whether counting fat grams is an effective and permanent technique for those seeking weight loss, this technique did bring about an awareness of how much dietary fat' impacts the numbers on our scales, as well as how 'too much fat intake' can impact our overall health and well-being.

There are certain types of fats in our daily diet which are worse than others - which contribute to cholesterol issues. These include: cholesterol, Trans fats and saturated varieties.

Specific Types of Fats Distributed Differently on the Body

These types of lipids are also stored much differently on the human body.

Rather than becoming evenly distributed on the body, they tend to collect in the abdominal area - basically strangling our internal organs as the fat continues to accumulate.

If you consume a significant amount of fried food, sweet and oily bakery items and cheese, you may have developed a 'hump' in your upper abdominal cavity. As we move down, you may be smaller in the waistline area before the tummy balloons out to a larger, lower hump which feels soft. It will most-likely jiggle when shaken.

These mounds of accumulated fat are chiefly due to the distribution of the unhealthier fats in the diet. But take heart, because they can be eradicated via a healthy daily diet and moderate exercise.

Can counting fat grams assist with weight loss?

If you think this method of weight loss will work well for you, please see your doctor beforehand as individuals require different amounts of daily dietary fat necessary for good health.

Also keep in mind that some dietary fat is necessary for optimum nutrition and that striping too much fat from the daily diet can do some bad things, such as make your hair fall out by the handful.  Even if you don't have kids or a mother in law. And finally, the best diet plan is one that is based on the Food Pyramid.

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