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Diet Raisin in the Sun

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Raisin some great ideas for your diet plan.

Don't you just love raisins?  Sweet little grapes kissed by the sun.  

Being very fond of golden raisins, I've often wondered why one of the smart cereal companies doesn't make raisin bran with golden raisins - which are a good source for cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber.

 My humble kitchen is never without them and I keep them sealed in a clear container that rests just a few steps from the humble stove.

Although a bit pricey in calories - about 220 per half-cup, raisins often get tossed onto the "Can't Eat That" pile when dieting.

But whether you prefer the dark, rich-flavored raisins or the sweetness of the golden beauties, they make a healthy addition to most anyone's diet plan.  

Raisins are naturally low in fat and sodium, contain zero cholesterol, a good dose of potassium and iron, and they are toot-cute!

Potassium, Carbs & Dieting Fiber in Raisins

Just look at how raisins stack up to the ultra healthy banana and pay particular attention to the potassium content:


Serving Size


Dietary Fiber



1 medium

 451 mg

1.8 g

27 g

Dark, Seedless Raisins

1/2 cup

545 mg

3.9 g

57 g

Golden, Seedless Raisins

1/2 cup

541 mg

3.9 g

58 g

Suggestions & Dieting Tips for Inserting Raisins in the Daily Diet

These are our favorite ways to plug a few raisins into our daily diet:

Salads - This is one of our favorite methods for using raisins.  

A bit of raw baby spinach, grated carrot, a few cherry tomatoes, a bit of roasted chopped chicken and a splash of raisins make a delicious salad.  

Add a bit of raspberry dressing (the light variety) to top off the salad.

Baking - A few raisins tossed into a batch of banana bread not only ups the potassium benefits, it also allows the omission of shortening or oil in the recipe.

Oatmeal - Oh my, raisins and a spoon of brown sugar will make you want to kiss your bowl of oats.

Peanut Butter - When snack time rolls around, try adding a teaspoon of golden raisins to a teaspoon of peanut butter. Spread onto 60-calorie or less bread for a great treat that's a little over 100 calories - and it's a snack that will stick with you.

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