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Stone Age Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Diet of Prehistoric Man, Cave Dwellers

The ability to live in caves encouraged man to live in groups.  Then too, it was easier finding food as a force of many rather than a force of one.  

Caves not only provided shelter, they provided cool areas that allowed food to be stored for long periods at a time without spoilage.  Talk about a root cellar!

Foods in the Stone Age Diet, Prehistoric Man & the Caveman Diet

Although fossils indicate a stone age diet rich in protein, foods included both animal and plant matter such as bird eggs, shellfish, tuberous roots, and wild game.  Nuts, berries and seeds were also common in the stone age diet of prehistoric man.

Other foods believed to be included in the stone age diet were most all parts of the slain animals such as liver, brains and kidneys - waste not, want not.

Hunters vs Gatherers

Hunters made use of crude hunting weapons such as sharpened sticks, stone knives and rocks.  

With many hunters in the party, their prey could be surrounded and overtaken - yet another advantage of group living.  In turn, gatherers which worked in groups were able to collect much food and in turn, strived to preserve the leftovers through primitive methods which are still in use today - only performed expertly by machine.  

Methods of food preservation included drying foods, digging pits and covering root foods and colder storage methods by keeping foods well inside the belly of the cave.

The Caveman Diet in the Stone Age World

Many of the low carb diets in our Modern Day World are based on the stone age diet.  It's interesting to point out that cave dudes were not a long-lived group, not that it had that much to do with their diet.  It was simply a very dangerous world during the Paleolithic period and life was never certain.

In addition, the stone age diet was based on what was available rather than what was most healthy.  Eating equaled survival which came in many forms of nourishment.

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