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Weight Gain - When All Scream for Ice Cream!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lick those testy calories away by giving these ice creams the cold shoulder.

Are you dieting but miss your ice cream so badly that you just want to kill your diet?  

The good news is that you can have your ice cream and eat it too.

How so?  Simply by checking those labels. Here are a few examples of how cutting out calories, opens the door for an ice cream treat.

A tasty fudge bar from Blue Bell Creamery contains a skinny 120 calories.  

Note that this is NOT the reduced-calorie, reduced-fat bars rather the delicious, smooth and oh-so-good full-blown fudge bars.

Refer to Nutrition Labels Before Taking That First Bite

Checking the wrappers on ice cream sandwiches can save a dieter hundreds of calories.  Seek out 140-160 calorie bars rather than their Big Brother counterparts which may contain 350 or more calories.

Higher Calorie Ice Cream Bar

Drumsticks tend to be high in calories. The crushed nut topping mixed with the chocolate cap is generally the culprit.  Of course, both nuts and chocolate tend to be high in calories on their lonesome.

Juice & Ice Bars & Treats, Great Choice for Dieters

Look for juice-bars and ice-bars which contain a little over 100 calories. Because they don't contain ice cream they're going to be naturally lower in fat and calories.

Single Serving Ice Cream Treats for Dieters vs Large Cartons & Containers

When dieting, purchasing single-serving ice cream treats makes a savvy weight loss solution.  

Have one - and then you're done.  

An opened carton of gourmet ice cream is just begging for the feel of the largest spoon in the house.

- It's also smart to enjoy ice cream without inviting it's too-tasty friends such as marshmallow fluff, added nuts, and added sauces such as fudge and caramel.

Ice Cream Shakes

If you're craving an ice cream shake while dieting, opt for our Whispering Thongdance Slim Shake. Whispering Thongdance Shake

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