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Diet Tips for Travelers & Vacationers

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Happy Diet, Happy Vacation

Have you ever noticed that just as soon as the last of the holidays fade away (i.e. Valentine's Day) and the new diet removes all those unwanted pounds - that vacation time suddenly lifts up over the horizon?

Traveling to exciting places and exploring new things activates the adventurer in almost all of us!  

There's nothing quite like seeing a waterfall for the first time, or stargazing in a densely populated area where the sky is pitch black. Oh - and we can't forget all those tempting foods we'll encounter on our trip.

Yes, a happy vacation has slaughtered more than one happy diet. Why?  Well, that feeling of freeness which encompasses us on our journey, allows us to let go of our worries and troubles.  

We get up in the morning whenever we want, we go where we want - when we want, and we tend to let go of our diet plan, enjoying our fill of tasty vacation treats.  

Once we are transported back to the Real World, we can't get up when we want, go where we want - when we want BUT we can continue to enjoy tasty foods.

It's the one element of freedom which we experienced while vacationing that we can fall back on.

Unfortunately, as time drifts along, pounds pack on - pounds that were generated by our happy vacation.  And we don't want that to happen to you!  

On that note, the following treasured dieting tips may help you enjoy the freedom of dining during your happy vacation while returning home to resume your healthy, happy diet.

1. When your vacation has ended, return to the Real World with no regrets.

You can enjoy yourself fully amid your adventure when dining if you keep servings to single servings, opt for fruit-based desserts, limit alcohol intake, and keep a tight rein on snacking.

2. Take in the sites of the city - or enjoy a hiking adventure.  

Moving burns up calories, thus discouraging added pounds.  It also lifts your metabolism level, as well as strengthen muscles which use more calories than fat.

3. Active Entertaining Activities to Burn Calories

Rather than swimming in the frosting, try diving into entertaining activities such as visiting the local zoo or aquarium - or even shopping. Keeping the mind entertained keeps the Snack Monster away.

Returning Home From Vacation Tips for Dieters

4. Plan to bring back some of your favorite treats to enjoy later. A box of dark chocolates is even heart-healthy!

5. Once you arrive back to the Real World, try to recreate some of the tasty foods that you enjoyed during your vacation using diet-friendly ingredients. This makes a simple, nice way to reflect on fond memories.

6. Even if you fall overboard and totally go A-I-P with the goodies during happy vacation time, once home - immediately get back on track.  If you don't, you may stuck in the Diet Waters for a long while searching for a diet life raft.

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