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The Bikini Genie

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieter Dorothy discovers a bottle containing a bikini genie.

The excess weight just wasn't coming off fast enough for Dorothy's liking. Three pounds per week just wasn't going to cut it - not if she wanted to fit into her new red bikini that she had purchased for summer.

She had hoped that she would have been able to melt down into it by the time the heat arrived, but she was still in need of losing about fifty more pounds.  Right now, she couldn't even get a leg through the waist of the bikini.

Dieting Regrets Over Weight Loss Procrastination

In six more weeks, summer would be over!  If only she had started her diet sooner, she went on to reminisce as she walked gloomily down the golden sandy beach by Pirate's Cove.

Twenty years ago as a young girl, she and her girlfriends had played here, imagining they were pirates - but only good pirates.  

But as the girls had transformed into women, they had discarded their pirate's garb for more feminine beach outfits, like two-piece swimsuits and the popular bikini.

It had been years since she had seen those dear childhood friends and she remembered as they had parted for the last time, they had taken several pictures, each of them launching a bottle into the clear water fingering off of Pirate's Cove. Those were the days....

Regrets Over Weight Gain

Dorothy glanced down at her full-figure, displeased at what she saw.  Odd how her body hadn't bothered her that much when she was fifty pounds heavier or even when she had been over fifty more pounds heavier.

During that time, food had appeared much more alluring than a bikini-clad body.  And how she had gained over 100 pounds in twenty years - she did not know.  But she did know that at 38 she wanted more than anything to reach her weight loss goal - to lose the weight before the pages of time presented troubling health woes as they had for her overweight mom and dad.

As Dorothy gazed out over the crystal waters lining the Cove, her thoughts had refueled her motivation to continue to diet - to continue to lose the weight. Besides, there was always next summer.....

Twelve months later, a much-leaner Dorothy was walking down the sandy beach by Pirate's Cove in search of shells feeling quite spiffy in her red bikini.  Even now, she couldn't believe she had achieved her weight loss goal.  It had taken a little over a year to finally lose all the excess weight, but all her hard work and dedication to her diet and exercise plan had paid off.  

A rather large shell captured her attention and she scampered over quickly to explore.  A beautiful shell lay embedded in the sand and as she struggled to release it, she went spiraling backwards to the shore's edge, the shell anchored tightly in her hands.

Rising, dusting off her backside - she glanced at the hole in the sandy beach where the large shell had been embedded, noticing a small bottle laying against the sand as the salty water rushed to fill up the empty spot.

Dorothy set aside the shell, then curiously collected the bottle feeling quite speechless as she withdrew the photo of herself taken over twenty years ago.  Time had added character to her young face, and modern-day products had helped her achieve that same golden color of hair.

And although her body wasn't as tight as it had been in her late teens, she had to admit that at the moment she was bursting with pride over her weight loss accomplishments.  She couldn't have been more thankful if the bottle had held a true genie, because what she had experienced was a true treasure of emotions, a realization of just how far she had come - of just how much she had accomplished.

It had been a rough ride, sailing over the Diet Seas, searching for a magic potion that would help her lose the unwanted weight. And then as the weight had began to melt away, Dorothy had realized that the magic lay within.

Gazing out at the clear waters rushing to the shore, she held the photo next to her breast, realizing that she had finally come full-circle....

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