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The Most Overlooked Reason
for Childhood Obesity

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Inactivity, Education Overload & Childhood Obesity

From vending machines to video games, it appears that the health community - as well as the media exhibits an eagerness to latch onto the contributing factors of childhood obesity in hopes of solving the escalating health epidemic among our youth.

Although most agree that the modernized world presented many avenues for weight gain such as video games, cell phones, television, and tantalizing foods - including fast food, the chief reason for this growing problem appears to have been overlooked.  

Could it be that our current school curriculum is the root of this growing problem?

A child sitting for up to eight or more hours on end throughout the day simply isn't normal.

We strongly suggest that parents to attach a pedometer on their child before they head out for the day, then check it after school.  The results may be shocking.

Our kids wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, zoom out the door and then settle into a desk for most of the day to learn.  Yes, we agree that without education, we'd be a nation of idiots, so education is necessary.

However, if our schools do not move towards a healthier stage in which to teach our children, then childhood obesity is likely to continue to be an escalating health concern.  

Too Much Time Behind Desk, Too Much Time at Home Doing Homework - Reasons Behind Childhood Obesity

In our opinion, the current method of teaching which keeps our kids glued to desks is the most overlooked reason for childhood obesity, perhaps far outweighing the effects of watching television, playing video games, as well as eating those forbidden snacks.  

After all, kids are in school most of their waking hours, yet weight gain is generally blamed on the home-life, occurring during those handful of hours from about four pm until 8 or 9 pm when kids hit the sack.

As our kids march into adulthood and take on desk jobs, a ripple-effect looms over the horizon in regards to the obesity epidemic.

A solution includes more than the dismantling of vending and soda machines - although positive steps. Perhaps if the schools had more breaks?  

If they had a shorter school day?  

If they allowed anyone who yearned to become a sport's star and/or cheerleader to become one in order to motivate at-school activity?  

Then again, if is such a very big word in a very little world particularly when one is watching on from afar, from over the top of their school desk....

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