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Diet Run in the Sun vs Diet Fun in the Sun

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

With warmer weather upon us, the opportunities for exercise and activity increase.

Running, walking, playing sports, camping, swimming - oh my, there is a lot of fun to be had during the good old summertime.  

However, having fun in the sun also presents hidden dangers that impact our good health, dangers that may prove fatal.  Individuals who are overweight, elderly, 'the very young', pregnant women, as well as those with certain diseases such as heart conditions face an increased risk from the sun's warming rays.

This article provides links at Diet Bites that list the symptoms of heat stroke, sunburn and other dangers of the sun, as well as how to get in a healthy level of activity for weight loss without killing yourself. With that said, can you spot the healthy and unhealthy weight loss scenarios?  

1. Jack - It's two pm and a shirtless Jack bears all by running in the shades of a line of oak trees down 5th & Vine.  The outdoor thermometer reads 102° but Jack's body feels like it's closer to 90° beneath the protective shade of the oaks.  As a note, Jack has no hidden medical conditions, is in his late thirties and is carrying a container of water for hydration purposes.

Healthy scenario or unhealthy?

Unhealthy - Unfortunately, even with Jack's water, young state and healthy condition, running amuck amid 102° weather presents extreme risks for a heat stroke.  Consider that even on a cloudy day, 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can pass through the clouds. The sun has the most power generally from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon.

2. Jill - It's the middle of winter and Jill is sledding in the thick layer of snow.  She is wearing protective clothing to keep her warm, as well as sunshades to block out the snow.  However, she is not wearing sunblock.

Healthy scenario or unhealthy?

Unhealthy - The sun exhibits super-reflective powers; 17% on sand, 80% on snow.  So whether you’re a beach bunny or a snow bunny, reach for the screen. The added bonus of sunscreen application includes protection against aging, skin cancer, wrinkles and freckles. 

The Powers of the Sun - Including First Aid & Symptoms of Heat Stroke & Home Remedies for Sunburn

Tips for Dressing for the Heat

 Choose light colors.  Although dark colors provide more protection they also draw the heat.

 Wear tightly woven clothing; you want to seal out all possible skin surfaces that the rays will attack.

 Don’t forget the hat, a nice wide-brimmed one.

 Choose sunglasses with ultraviolet protective lenses.

 Dress your lips with balm; they fry very quickly!

Avoid fragrances.  Some can cause photosensitive reactions. 

Exercise Smart in the Heat

 Apply a waterproof sunscreen, not oil-based.

 Dress in light colors.  These reflect the heat better than dark ones.

 Adjust slowly to the heat.

 Always bring along replenishing fluids.

 Wear a hat, apply lip balm and clamp on those shades!

Try to exercise before ten in the morning and before 4 in the afternoon.  Better yet, aim for early morning and cooler evening hours.  Not many things can top a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  These are the times of day that the sun shines best!

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