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Inexpensive Holiday Party Decorations

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Holiday Decorations for the Party Table

If you don't have a buffet table, a few folding tables will do dandy. Simply cover with a holiday-theme cloth OR use a red sheet or tablecloth and tie silk poinsettias in the corners by the legs on the fronts of the tables.

Here are a few more tips to spruce up your holiday party table...

Jingle Bell Rocks for Holiday Decorations

Collect a rough looking rock from outdoors, then glue-on jingle bells and red bows to create your own jingle bell rock. This makes for a very interesting and playful centerpiece for your holiday party.

Candles Impact Mood, Add Defused Light

Space candles between serving trays that line the tables. Candles which hold the scents of the holidays also assist in adding to the mood of the holiday season.

If you are trying to keep expenses minimal, then use your microwave oven or large oven to add lovely aromas to your home.

For the microwave, add cinnamon to water and turn on the heat - but only for a minute or two. You can do the same by adding cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon to a pot of water on the stove and boiling for just a bit.

OR, bake cookies in your oven. Who doesn't like the scent of fresh cookies baking? It simply feels like home and sets us in a comfortable, welcoming mood.

Another ideal - bake a loaf of bread using your bread machine. After adding the ingredients, you have nothing else to do. The smell of bread is perhaps the best scent on the planet. After all, it is the staff of life, right?

Centerpiece Idea

Create a beautiful centerpiece by gluing together pine cones. You can set a candle in the center if you wish or add an inexpensive holiday trinket such as a Santa, a reindeer or an elf - or what about using a beautiful holiday ornament?

Decorations for Your Serving Table

Outline tables using pine tree garland OR commercially created garland that you can purchase at the store. And on that note, purchasing party supplies after the holidays for the next Christmas party is a wise idea.

I've seen sales slashing holiday items up to 90%. They are almost always half off the day after Christmas. A week later - 75% off.

Ice Cube Recipe

Fill ice cube trays with water, then add a fresh whole pitted cherry before freezing. This makes drinks so pretty!

Holiday Wreath

Holiday wreaths make a beautiful decoration when placed flat; add a mirror to the middle of the wreath, then arrange holiday decorations on top. If you use candles make certain they aren't hot enough to break the mirror.

You can also use natural elements to create holiday wreaths that are often priced at $100 or more at local hobby stores.

Glue a ring of pine cones together. Use grapevine or large twined vines to form your wreath.

Add beautiful ornaments or colorful bells.

You can take this idea in a billion different directions.

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