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Holiday Party Advice

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Decorate for Holidays, Inexpensively

Ideas for Party Decorations

Tying Up the Bows at your Diet Friendly Holiday Party

To complete your party menu, set out bowls of popular foods that are low in fat and calories. Our suggestions include the following holiday foods.

Pretzels, a Low Calorie Fun Party Treat

Pretzels in all shapes & sizes will delight those most cranky of guests, even Mr. Scrooge himself! But don't stick to pain varieties of pretzels. What about the honey wheat variety? Or the honey mustard? I've seen them in all different flavors under the sun, even Cajun style.

Popcorn, a Must for Holiday Parties

What's a party without popcorn? And if you're going to have guests attend which are watching their waistlines, popcorn makes a healthy treat that they can enjoy. As with the pretzels, get creative.

Think about putting a hot air popper in the party room so that your guests can enjoy fresh, hot popcorn.

Set aside tiny bowls filled with different flavors and types of salt. And don't forget to make margarine or a bitof butter available. We need minimal fat for optimum health, after all.....

Party Mixes, Traditional Holiday Favorite

Traditional Chex Party Mix is a must for all holiday parties. It offers a strong note of health via whole grains.

Candy Options

Jelly beans in all shades of the rainbow which are low in fat and contain minimal calories make fun treats at parties.

Or, what about candy canes? They are available in a multitude of colors - from red and white to green and yellow. And they are also available in many flavors, not just the traditional peppermint.

They last a long while and are fun to eat; they contain zero fat grams and hold minimal calories.

Nuts for Your Holiday Party

Add a healthy assortment of nuts to your party table. They are vegetable proteins and hold super powers - and yes, they are considered super foods.

If you're having small children attend your party, make sure that the nuts and popped corn aren't within reach to prevent a possible choking event. That's a terrible way to end a party.

Diet Bites Antler Nuts recipe.

Invite the Food Groups to Your Holiday Party

Assorted cheeses on a tray with lean meats makes a beautiful presentation. Opt for light, reduced fat varieties when possible. And there are so many different varieties of cheese - you'll have lots of fun picking them out.

Line the platter using whole grain crackers for an added eye-appealing presentation.

Use a large beautiful basket and fill it with fruit. Nothing can compete with the beauty and flavors that Mother Nature delivers when she's at her best.

As your guests are leaving the holiday party, be certain to send along a few of the leftover goodies with them. A healthy orange, an eye-catching apple or a small bag of nuts make delicious, wholesome, healthy treats which they can enjoy later.

And while they are enjoying those treats, they will be thinking of you!

Holiday Party Tips for Health Minded Individuals

Setting the atmosphere is perhaps the most important element of pulling off a successful holiday party.

It's a bit like food. The more appealing it looks, the better it tastes. Now, for a few of our favorite entertaining tips for the holidays.

Keep Party Goers at a Comfortable Temperature

Keep room temperature comfortable.

Opt for the cool-side because as guest mingle and move about, body temperatures rise.

For those cold-natured souls, keep a few sweaters/lap wraps close at hand. Keep in mind that it's more fun to bundle up in the winter than to sweat - particularly when partying.

Christmas Caroling, Traditional & Entertaining for Guests

Dazzle your guests by staging a 'Christmas Caroling' which is guaranteed to gel the spirit of the season.

Enlist the help of neighborhood kids or friends and acquaintances that may not be attending your party.

Put Your Guests in a Festive Mood

Pass out Santa hats to your guests. Or, encourage your guests to dress to a different era in holiday history.

Play soft and ear-pleasing holiday music rather than putting on a tune that screams. Although music helps set the stage, guests are there to mingle - not to listen to screaming holiday tunes.

Set season-scented potpourri about the area.

If possible, light a fire. If not, utilize the magic of candlelight.

One doesn't need to serve spirits in order to embrace the spirit of the holidays. They often dampen the mood and ruin the party because there are always one or two guests who can't say no to that next drink.

Games for Holiday Guests

Set up a few game tables throughout your entertainment area. Stock them with cards, dominoes and simple games your guests might enjoy.

Consider adding a White Elephant Gift Exchange to your party.

Make Each Guest Feel Special & Important to You

Make sure that each guest feels important.

It's important to keep in mind that one doesn't need to spend big bucks in order to have a successful holiday party.

To lighten your load, request that each guest bring their favorite appetizer to the holiday party.

To save on decorations, invite nature indoors by incorporating pine branches and pine cones into your decor.

And no matter how you celebrate the season, make it special!

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