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Healthy Gift Ideas

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Gifts for Your Health Nut

Need a few savvy holiday gift suggestions for your little health nut?

Any of the following will thrill them as they thrash through that wrapping paper stamped with prancing reindeer.

Pedometer For Clocking Miles OR Steps Walked

A pedometer is an inexpensive yet valuable gadget to anyone who wants to know how far they have walked and how many calories the walk 'burned'. Available at most super-marts & sporting stores for about $5.00.

Small Weights for Enhancing Workout

Ankle weights which can be quickly attached to the ankles to produce a more productive workout while strengthening the body. Inexpensive and available at most supermarts & sporting stores for under $5.

Gifts for Protection Against Nature's Elements When Exercising Outdoors

Stocking stuffed with gloves, a scarf, wool socks, sunglasses & other items that your Health Nut needs to combat the elements of winter when  they choose to exercise outdoors.

For your avid Health Nut who enjoys walking as a form of health maintenance, any music-playing gadget that they can take along with them makes a perfect gift.

Low Fat Cookbooks

A low fat cookbook wrapped and decorated with fun cooking items & foods such as: Whole cinnamon sticks, whole vanilla beans, whole nutmeg, an assortment of vinegars, assortment of unique cooking oils (such as grape seed & flavored olive oils), measuring spoons, measuring cups and a tiny scale for weighing foods.

Gift Basket of Healthy Foods for the Diet Plan

Basket full of dieter-friendly goodies such as baked goods that are low fat and sugar free.

Basket of fresh fruit mixed with healthy nuts & dried fruits tied up with a pretty red bow.

Outdoor Gear for Hiking, Camping, Jumping Rope, Skating

Any type of camping gear, hiking gear or other gear that matches your Health Nut's favorite form of activity. Consider adding a paid camping pass to your gift.

For hikers, a new backpack filled with granola, spring water, nuts, jerky and other healthy treats makes a fab gift for your Health Nut and one that they will be able to use year-round.

Don't forget to add a jump rope and a pair of ice or roller skates. What about a paid pass to the local rink?

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