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Antler Nuts, an Original
Holiday Diet Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Nuts for Weight Loss

Eating a sack of nuts can add pounds to a body, but when consumed in moderation - nuts pack a healthy punch to the daily diet.

They are a healthy vegetable protein source and many contain the good fats which support heart health. Many have been associated with decreasing risks for certain health conditions - such as almonds reducing the risk for stroke.

Many offer additional health benefits and may even fight certain diseases.

Antler Nuts - A Diet Friendly Recipe

To make our Antler Nuts you will need:

Assorted nuts of your choice. Pick the species that you enjoy the most.

You will also need zero calorie Parkay butter spray OR you can use a butter flavored cooking spray if you wish.

Diet Nut RecipeYou will need a bit of light brown sugar, and if you don't have light brown sugar and you only have dark - it will work just as well.

The only difference is the colonization of the finished recipe, as it will be a bit darker.

How to Prepare Antler Nuts

Simply add nuts to a skillet filled with just enough Parkay to coat the nuts.

Sprinkle in brown sugar and cook slowly until brown sugar melts.

Remove from heat and arrange on a large sheet covered with parchment paper, ensuring that nuts do not touch. Allow to air-dry.

Serving Suggestions, Alterations to This Recipe

You can also add other healthy ingredients to this recipe.

To Create a Trail Mix Recipe

To make a trail mix simply add other natural ingredients to the nuts. Dark or golden raisins, dried cranberries, bits of dried dates, dried apple, shredded coconut - all dried fruits will work very well in creating a trail mix assortment.

You can also add other nuts to the mix which you didn't use in the Antler Nut recipe. What about adding a few miniature pretzel sticks?

Adding Healthy Cereal

Or, add your favorite cereal to the prepared nut recipe. This works are a very healthy snack during diet time.

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