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How to Make a Lower Calorie Pizza, Dieting Tips

Written by Diet Bites

Watching Fat Sources Equals a Lighter Recipe, Like With Cheese

1. Cheese tends to be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the high caloric values in pizza. Therefore, opt for reduced fat cheese. The seasoned blends can add even more flavor to your Italian pie.

Mozzarella is an excellent choice for pizza pie creations. It has a nice pull, melts easily and it's just fun to eat.

One slice of reduced fat mozzarella cheese contains about 40 to 50 calories. In comparison, Cheddar, Harvarti and other popular cheeses contain about 80 to 110 calories per slice.

We can see from this example how the types of cheese that we use in our pizza recipe can trim back calories considerably.

Fatty Proteins, Opting for Leaner Meats to Reduce Calories in Pizza

2. Another culprit to be on the watch for is meats and other protein sources that you add. Fatty cuts of meat add fatty calories.

If you prepare your pie at home, you can best control the types of animal proteins that you add. And if you order out, there is a great tip that I use for reducing the amount of fatty oil. Whenever I see tiny pools of oil I use a clean napkin and dab it away. The napkin quickly acts like a wick - wicking away those fat calories.

Crust, a Big Part of the Total Calories in Pizza

3. The crust is the remaining culprit; the thicker the crust - the more energy values that it is going to contain.

Try to roll out the dough as thin as possible to keep kcals under control. If you add a few grains of cornmeal to the base of the pie, you're adding a hint of whole grain goodness.

Tomato Sauce, Fruit Group Serving Rich in Lycopene

4. Tomato sauce tends to be low in energy values but there are some brands that are quite high. Become an avid label reader and weed out those higher kcal offenders where your particular sauce is concerned.

More Vegetables, Healthier Pizza Pie

5. Adding more vegetables to the pizza will increase nutritional values and you're apt to feel fuller with less foods. Vegetables can be blanched or steamed and thoroughly drained before adding to the pizza to prevent a watery disaster.

Enjoy 1-2 Slices & STOP

6. There is always the next meal - so each a couple of slices and be done. Add a side salad along with a light dressing to your meal; if you must use Parmesan cheese - opt for the ones in the tall green containers as they are lightest in fat.

In Summary

If you are attempting to lose weight and miss your pizza, I'm living proof that you can indeed enjoy it and lose weight too. I dropped over 100 pounds of excess body fat some twenty years ago and continue to maintain a healthy body weight. And yes - I do love pizza and yes - I do eat pizza.

When I'm craving it, my favorite spot is Little Caesar's. I'm on a very tight budget and the pies there are reasonably priced and yes, delicious! I can enjoy a slice of either cheese or pepperoni for under 300 calories. What a diet deal, eh? And it's a lot healthier and a lot tastier than six rice cakes which contain the same number of energy values.

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