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Simple Weight Loss Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A very simple plan for weight loss success.

If you have ever attempted to lose weight then you know that it's not an easy task. Losing weight is mighty tough work. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of skinned knees and elbows - a bunch of bland food and generally a bolt and key spanning across the kitchen entryway.

While weight loss can be difficult - our tips below can make the process as simple as possible. We've worked to set losing weight into prospective - to minimize the steps involved to achieve weight loss as well as eliminate all the small talk.

Before you start your weight loss plan you should pause and ask yourself one important question. Your answer will determine your success or failure in a huge way. "Are you ready to lose weight permanently?"

You certainly don't want to lose weight - only to regain it after it's gone.

It's too difficult to melt off the body. And to make weight loss a thing of the past - to make it a permanent condition, you're going to have to alter your daily diet. If not, the lost weight will return.

And because of the weight gain, your body contains a plethora of fat cells that will be waiting in the shadows - at times, begging to be refilled. I know because I went through the experience myself going on two decades ago. I know your pain; I know your frustration - we are the same in this area.

And I'm here to assure you that yes - you can achieve permanent weight loss - but you must also be willing to not only lose those extra pounds, but to also alter your daily diet going forward.

For me, it's a day-by-day task. I never allow myself to binge; I stick to the number of calories required by my body to support my recommended weight. On the days that I'm extra active, I can have a few more calories - and I always think of those 'calories' as 'energy' for the body.

This doesn't mean that you can't ever enjoy food again.

My daily diet is rich in the foods that I love - but they are prepared much differently now, closer to Mother Nature than they were in my fat days.

I am also very careful to monitor my beverages as they can quickly add calories to the daily totals. And I balance my healthy diet with both activity and relaxation. All three are the trinity of a healthy body and weight maintenance.

Simple Steps to Weight Loss, Permanent Results Should be Your Prime Goal

On that note, let's take a look at our recommendations for a Simple Diet Plan. It's easy to follow; the key is to remain true to your daily diet and to avoid those foods that are mined with too many calories as well as too much fat.

1. Determine your recommended weight based on your height.

Diet Bites weight charts can assist and are located here. Please keep in mind that your ideal weight is a very personal number that only you can identify. You do such based on how you feel the best.

Choose the number in the range of your height which is the highest amount of weight because as you trim down, you can adjust to suit the situation to meet your ideal weight.

Calculating Daily Calories as Energy Determine Body Weight

2. Determine the number of calories necessary to maintain your recommended weight. This Diet Bites link can assist.

Healthy Food Pyramid Diet, the Best Plan for Losing Weight Forever

3. Base your daily diet on the calories required for your recommended weight and ensure your choices are derived from the healthy Food Pyramid. This Diet Bites link can assist.

Did you know that if you don't get the correct amount of vitamins per day that this can influence what you weigh? The body requires vitamin combinations in order to process energy as well as to regulate body weight.

Adding Exercise to Your Day, Essential to Health

4. Add a healthy dose of exercise or your favorite activity to your "must do" list. Even twenty minutes per day of walking is better than nothing. Anything that you like to do that promotes activity - go for it!

Rest, Relaxation - as Vital to Health as Activity

5. Get adequate sleep, keep stress levels under control and spend more time thinking about the good things ahead rather than the obstacles in life that you've left behind. Stress can trigger weight gain, and who wants that?

In Summary

Good luck on your weight loss plan. Remember - stay true to your diet and the weight will come off. When I had so many pounds to lose, I thought that was an impossibility. It is doable - and yes, you can do it too!

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