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Warnings: Weight Loss
Supplements, Diet Pills

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Warning Symptoms & Signs That Signal Danger to Your Good Health

The dangers of weight loss supplements & diet pills...

From personal experience, I can say that when one suddenly encounters 'Weight Loss Mode' there is virtually nothing that will stand in their way in achieving weight loss success - and that includes, Death Himself.

Because overeating can signal an addiction, this type situation can mirror that of almost any addict. It's only 'the moment' that counts.

The dieter who is frenzied in achieving weight loss results often does not pause before purchasing that so-called weight loss miracle which can result in numerous ills and poor health, sometimes permanent or fatal.

If you are planning to lose weight in the near future, Diet Bites highly encourages to take time to plan out a weight loss plan that is safe, health-wise and please, work with your doctor's office and always ask should you have questions, particularly when it involves a miracle weight loss supplement or diet pill that promises to 'melt' those unwanted pounds away.

At this time, only a decrease in consumed energy (food & beverages) OR an increase in expended energy (metabolism performance, exercise, activity) can achieve weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplement & Diet Pill Warning - Rule #1

If you are currently taking ANY weight loss supplement or diet pill containing Hydroxycitric Acid, please meet with your personal doctor asap - and discontinue use of weight loss product.

The FDA issued a recall of Hydroxycut products which is derived from the Garcinia cambogia plant, as they were linked to serious health issues - the liver in particular.

One fatality was reported due to liver failure, which greatly saddens us. At times, one has to imagine how the developer of this weight loss product feels.

Reported health issues related to Hydroxycut products include: cardiovascular disorders, kidney failure, jaundice, elevated liver enzymes, seizures, and rhabdomyolysis (a type of muscle damage).

Take note that products containing Hydroxycitric Acid were still available at the time of this article online, manufactured under the umbrella of various names.

Therefore, please meet with your doctor before ordering or taking any non-prescription weight loss supplement or diet pill.

Weight Loss Supplement & Diet Pill Warning - Rule #2

Just because a weight loss supplement or diet pill (including diet and/or weight loss vitamins) is being sold doesn't mean that it has received approval from the FDA. Many contain herbs which need not approval at this time.

Herbs are often taken too lightly, and their extreme powers may be underestimated or misunderstood by the consumer. Herbs were among the first remedies used for illness, including in our not-so-distance history.

For example, Valerian Root was used in the last world war to treat battle fatigue. And some herbs have been linked to serious health complications, at times fatal.

Weight Loss Supplement & Diet Pill Warning - Rule #3

Much too often - finances do not allow many of us to seek the health care we not only need, but that we deserve. We end up treating ourselves, even in the area of weight loss.

At times, we may be successful.

And at times, we may place undue faith and trust in weight loss products which can do more harm than those unwanted pounds ever thought about doing.

So if you're contemplating weight loss, do the smartest thing possible:

Determine your recommended weight based on your height. Diet Bites weight charts can assist and are located here.

Determine the number of calories necessary to maintain your recommended weight. This Diet Bites article can assist.

Base your daily diet on the calories required for your recommended weight and ensure your choices are derived from the healthy Food Pyramid. This Diet Bites article can assist.

Add a healthy dose of exercise or your favorite activity to your "must do" list.

Get adequate sleep, keep stress levels under control and spend more time thinking about the good things ahead rather than the obstacles in life that you've left behind.

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