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10 Weight Gain Factors
Involving Tiredness

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Gain Related to Symptoms of Tiredness

Fatigued; Why am I so tired?

If you are feeling tired lately, your symptoms may be associated with your daily diet, particularly if weight gain is involved OR if you are on a calorie-restricted diet which demands a dose of heavy exercise and activity.

Weight Gain Related to Symptoms of Tiredness

The following conditions and situations are common contributing factor of weight gain.

Weight Gain Contributor #1 Involving Tiredness

The less active the individual, the slower the metabolism. And the less active the individual, the less motivated they are to get active. Aside from a decrease in metabolic rate, the individual may experience the following side effects: tiredness, lethargy, mental fog, soreness - particularly in the neck, back and legs.

Why the Metabolic Rate Decreases Amid Tiredness

When inactivity is either ordered by the attending doctor for health reasons, or when it is embraced as a way of life by the individual, fewer calories are needed for current weight to remain steady. So it doesn't take many calories to pull the Weight Gain Trigger.

The great news is that this Weight Gain situation is easily remedied by simply getting up and moving. The more one moves, the more energy (calories) they burn and the more likely they are to create and maintain muscle mass. Muscle takes more calories to support than fat.

Inactive individuals should always start out very slowly when beginning an exercise routine, and build up from there.

#2: Diabetes Causes Fatigue, Tiredness, At Times Severe

If you're feeling tired and if you're having any of the following symptoms of diabetes, please see your doctor without delay:

Kidney & Urinary Track & Fatigue

Excessive thirst, excessive urination often creating a sticky area where urine splatters, and bladder infections.

Weight Related Tiredness

Excessive hunger, weight gain or weight loss. As a note, about a year before my father was diagnosed with diabetes, he suddenly dropped about 50 pounds for no explainable reason.

He was so thrilled about the weight loss, he never considered there might be a problem with his health, particularly when his weight suddenly bottomed out and remained stable after the 50 pounds were dropped.

Skin Related Side Effects of Tiredness

Our skin can tell us a lot about our health. After all, it's the largest organ of the body.

Look for the following early warning symptoms of Diabetes: rashes, infections that do not easily heal, boils, athletes foot, flaky skin and itchy skin. Bags under the eyes or a tired looking face are other signs of a fatigued body.

Nerves & Muscle Responses to Fatigue

Tingling in hands and/or feet, numbness in hands and/or feet, and leg cramps.

Moods & Fatigue

Excessive tiredness, malaise, and drowsiness.

Miscellaneous Symptoms of Diabetes

Oral Thrush, Peripheral Neuropathy.

Much of the time, this disease can be controlled via diet, exercise, medications and by attaining and managing a healthy weight.

#3: Things that impact sensitivity in our taste buds.

It may be a sinus infection, smoking, drinking or allergy-related. When our taste buds are off, we may eat more because we just aren't feeling satisfied.

And of course, a feeling of tiredness accompanies the instigators. If one of the instigators is the sinus, this Diet Bites article may be of help until you can see your doctor: Natural Remedies for Sinus Pain

#4: Stimulants in the Diet Trigger Tiredness

Stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol; Prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) drugs, including weight loss pills and supplements.

In addition, depressants can trigger tiredness and weight gain. Examples include: antihistamines, pain relievers, allergy medications, sleep medications and particularly anti-depressants.

Although weight loss pills and supplements, as well as caffeine have been connected to weight loss results, the results are not usually permanent.

When tiredness which may be accompanied by other symptoms is experienced, a typical response by the body is 'comfort foods' which of course, tend to be exceptionally high in fat and calories, which in turn creates a perfect recipe for weight gain.

In addition, caffeine often causes a feeling of anxiousness which is strongly tied to weight gain. And once the caffeine rush dissipates, the individual takes a mood dive as well as an energy dive which in turn leads to a feeling of tiredness.

As to alcohol, thoughts become muddled and relaxed. If tempting food is around, we know where it's going to eventually end up whenever we have our guard down, along with our good Diet Senses.

Therefore, if you are taking any OTC drug or supplement, including herbal remedies, or if you consume caffeine and alcohol, pay very close attention to your daily diet. Think before reaching for that special something that may be better off being left where it is rather than glued onto your hips.  

#5: Thyroid Imbalance.

This Diet Bites link contains detailed information: Thyroid Imbalance & Weight Gain

#6: Pregnancy, Lactation, Birth Control Methods, Monthly Cycle. Of course, all of the proceeding impact we-females. Oh-those-lucky-males!

In the incident of pregnancy, weight gain is self-explanatory. Where lactation is concerned, this is a tricky period because the new mom has been used to 'eating for two'.

She is typically more busy than usual and may not take stock of her daily diet which may be including far too many calories and fat grams. And she may be more tired than usual as her body struggles to readjust to the birth of the baby and returns to its former state - hopefully a state that isn't bigger than it began before junior entered into the picture.

In the incident of the monthly cycle, water retention and bloating often trigger weight gain, along with a feeling of tiredness.

The weight drops off at the end of the cycle along with the cramps and wacky mood swings. Yeah!

#7: Depression, Including Clinical

Depression, including the medications generally prescribed for such.

#8: Personal Stress.

If one is going through any life-changing event - from a wedding to a funeral, stress is generally in the picture.

Stress can make an individual feel exceptionally tired, particularly when it involves feelings of the heart or pocketbook.

#9: Heart Disease Causes Fatigue

Fluid retention may accompany some forms of heart disease, creating temporary weight gain. Heart issues are almost always accompanied by an acute feeling of tiredness.

#10: Deficient Diet, Malnourishment Issues & Tiredness

Vitamin Deficiency which can throw our metabolism for a loop-de-loop!

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