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NOT Recommended by Diet Bites

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Including some very sage tips for weight loss..

With so many weight loss products circling the Diet Market these days, a dieter can certainly get confused. And as our not-so-distant history proves, the choice of some weight loss products has lead to serious health risks, at times, including death.

Making wise choices can lead to healthy weight loss, and most importantly permanent weight loss.

Our list of weight loss products NOT recommended by Diet Bites is detailed below. View our recommended list of weight loss products.

Weight Loss Products NOT Recommended by Diet Bites - The Old Thumb's Down

Dietary Fiber Supplements, Generally Unnecessary for Healthy Adults

1. Fiber Supplements, Fiber Aids OR Foods With Added Fiber

While fiber assists in ensuring a healthy digestive system, too much fiber can produce uncomfortable health results ranging from big booms to an over-active colon which can require a visit to the doctor or ER.

Unless recommended by your doctor, get your daily fiber from natural foods.

Sports Drinks Equal Dental Decay

2. Sports Drinks

Sure, if you're going to be out in the heat or if you're participating in athletics, then YES, grab for the gold. If not, odds are that you are grabbing more calories and minerals that your body may not require. In addition, excessive use of sports drinks have been tied to an increase in dental carries.

Iron Toxicity Due to Iron-Enriched Foods

3. Iron Packed Foods

Too much iron and one risks Iron Toxicity. Recommendations and tips for iron in the daily diet can be found here at Diet Bites.

Vitamins & Supplements Which are Targeted to Control or Impact Body Weight

4. Weight Control Vitamins

Weight is controlled by energy levels, whether put into the body via calories, or expended via activity. While a multi-vitamin may serve to cut health risks due to a daily diet deficient in calories, by using this Diet Bites recommended mode for weight loss, one can get all the required vitamins and minerals needed by the body via a healthy daily diet.

Calcium Fortified Foods vs Natural Calcium Food Sources

5. Calcium Packed Foods

From orange juice to bread to supplements, calcium is making its presence known.

Calcium is one of the electrolytes that assist in balancing the water in the body and calcium-enhanced foods as well as calcium supplements should only be taken upon the advice of your personal doctor.

Daily Calcium Recommendations are located here at Diet Bites.

Weight Loss Pills, Supplements Cannot Melt Body Fat

6. Weight Loss Pills & Diet Supplements

Particularly those over-the-counter versions. Always but always, seek your doctor's approval before making that purchase.

One Food Diets, Risk to Health, Increased Risk of Death

7. Daily Diets Imploring One-Food-Wonders

While grapefruit, eggs and tuna are terrific foods that will assist in going miles towards good health, embracing a daily diet consisting of nothing but grapefruit, nothing but eggs, nothing but tuna (or rice, or cabbage or so forth) equals a healthy diet.

Do you know anyone who tried one-food-wonders and who has maintained their weight over time?

Water Consumed in Volume is Lethal

8. Water in Excess

An excess in water can create an imbalance in the electrolytes with serious complications, including death. Daily water intake not only includes the water we drink per day, but also the water contained in beverages and foods consumed.

Exercise Products, Machines That Exceed Personal Endurance Levels Cause More Harm Than Good to the Human Body

9. Exercise Products That Take One Beyond Their Physical Capabilities

Making activity something that we can enjoy a lifetime is more likely to enhance permanent weight loss.

Excess Salt in Foods Equals Unwanted Pounds

10. Sodium Overload

Sodium can make foods pop with flavor, but too much sodium and the body suffers. Sodium overload tends to announce itself in the way of water retention which can make the body appear heavier.

Excess sodium also takes it toll on the heart as it has to work harder.

Therefore, at minimum use your good sense before sprinkling more onto your food.

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