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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting products that we highly recommend for healthy weight loss results...

With so many weight loss products circling the Diet Market these days, a dieter can certainly get confused. And as our not-so-distant history proves, the choice of some weight loss products has lead to serious health risks, at times, including death.

Making wise choices can lead to healthy weight loss, and most importantly permanent weight loss. Our list of recommended weight loss products is detailed below. View our 'naughty list of weight loss products'.

Diet Bites Recommended Top 10 Weight Loss Products

Healthy Oats, Whole Grain Choice for Diet Plan

1. Oatmeal

A bowl for breakfast helps to jumpstart the metabolism and those rolled oats will keep you feeling full until lunch time rolls around.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Pressing Healthiest

2. Olive Oil

Sure, it's a fact that oil packs a hunk of calories and is of course a 'fat' but it's also a fact that our bodies require a certain amount of fat for maximum health.

Essential fat assists in ensuring the good health of our hair and organs - particularly the skin which is the body's largest organ.

The key is choosing healthier fats such as olive oil. We recommend cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Nutrition facts on oil can be viewed here at Diet Bites.

Whipped Products, Volume Adds Texture, Less Calories Per Serving

3. Whipped Products

Yogurt, peanut butter, cream cheese - when whipped, these products generally contain fewer calories and less fat per serving, but one will never miss the flavor found in their solid counterparts.

Cutting the Unhealthier Fats From Your Diet Plan - Eating Minimal Daily Fats Recommended

4. Zero Calorie Butter Spray

Keep in mind that 'zero' calories is based on the recommended serving size detailed on the product's label. But when used as directed, the dieter can get a blast of flavor without the added fat and calories.

5. Cooking Spray

There are times when only oil will work in producing a particular food, but for most situations, cooking spray works well in producing lovely dishes for zero added fat and calories. We use butter-flavored cooking spray to create gorgeous, tasty grilled cheese and toast.

Low Fat Dairy for Your Diet Plan

6. Yogurt

Particularly the low fat, sugar-reduced varieties, and the varieties that keep a lid on calories. Pay close attention to labels as some single-serving yogurts contain as many calories as a regular-size candy bar.

Cutting Sugar for Weight Loss

7. Sugar Substitutes

A lot of controversy surrounding sugar substitutes these days and only time will unveil the truths. Different health studies produce conflicting results in the area of sugar substitutes.

*The bottom line is that reducing calories reduces weight.

Sugar - of all varieties, from powdered sugar to brown sugar, contain a lot of calories.

Opting for a sugar substitute can assist in cutting calories while providing that satisfying burst of sweetness.

However, the substitute doesn't fool the brain and it sets the pancreatic juices in action, expecting real rather than fake sugar.

Therefore, we are split on our feeling regarding sugar substitutes. We also feel that when used over time they pose harm to the endocrine system - weakening our immunity against certain elements and even triggering allergies to substances that we were never allergic to before in our past.

If you decide to use sugar substitutes while dieting, we strongly suggest that you wean yourself off of them after the excess weight is lost.

This opinion is based on my personal experience with sugar substitutes and the horrible allergies I developed when using them - for over a decade.

When I stopped the fake sugar, my allergies left - but it took a couple of years for my body to totally recover.

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss, Including Ample Dietary Fiber, Daily

8. Foods Beneath the Umbrella of the Official Food Pyramid

As stated many times at Diet Bites, foods do not generally start out unhealthy. We make them unhealthy by bathing them in flour, in sugar and in oils. Thus, enjoy foods closest to their natural state as possible to ensure fewer calories and healthier meals.

9. Foods Rich in Natural Dietary Fiber Content

Fiber keeps the digestive track moving right along, but there is no need to go overboard: view Diet Bites fiber notes.

Exercise & Weight Loss

10. Exercise Machines

While we are not a fan of exercise equipment and feel that embracing a favorite activity can better achieve life-long results, there is a niche for exercise machines.

Given the unpredictability of the weather, an exercise machine can certainly fill the void - whether you prefer walking, step climbing or a machine that does a little of each.

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