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Soup, Salad Weight Loss

Written by Diet Bites

Diet Bites most recent weight loss tip was to enjoy single servings.

Our prior tip was to eat slowly.

Combine this weight loss tip with eating slowly and enjoying single helpings and you've upped your weight loss success results times three.

Weight Loss Tip #3

At meal time enjoy a single serving of your favorite soup OR a small salad.

Soup Tips for Weight Loss:

Soups vary in calorie content due to the recipe used (wow - that was a no-diet-brainer, wasn't it?).

Tomato SoupVegetable Broths, Clear Broths

Soups based on a vegetable broth tend to hold the lowest amount of fat and calories. So it goes to reason that soups with a cream base hold more fat and calories.

Milk or Creamy Broths

Cream-based soups tend to contain one or more of the following ingredients: butter, milk, cream, cheese, whipping cream.

And of course, all of these ingredients are high in fat when the full-blown version is used.

HOWEVER - even soups with cream bases generally contain about 120 calories per serving as compared to vegetable-based broth soups which contain 60-120 calories (or more depending upon the recipe).

One serving typically equals about 1 cup.

Salad Tips for Weight Loss:

Enjoy the following for about 100 calories: 1 cup of chopped lettuce OR baby spinach, a few cherry tomatoes OR chopped tomatoes, a bit of shredded carrots, a few slices of cucumber PLUS 1 teaspoon of grated cheese.

Add 1 Tablespoon of your favorite salad dressing (no more than 50 calories worth).

In Summary

Enjoying a soup or salad before meal time can help fill you up using minimal calories so that you eat less foods that contain substantial calories.

Even the creamy soups are very minimal in calories. In fact, one cup of most creamy potato soups contain about 130 calories. There are salad dressings which hold that many calories - per Tablespoon!

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