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How Often Should You Weigh?  |  Weight Loss Photos: Before & After  |  What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound

What it Takes to Lose One Pound

Written by Diet Bites

It's so easy to pack on pounds.

A cookie here, a few spoons of gravy there and a bit of French fries to go can equal 'pounds to go' in a hurry.

Unfortunately, weight gain can occur at a much faster rate than weight loss.  

So how long does it take to lose one pound of weight?

Think about a one-pound drop in weight like this...

The average diet consists of 2,000 calories per day (for the average Joe or Joette).

One pound equals 3,500 calories which equals about 2 day's worth of calories for the average Joe.

And a one pound weight gain can be as easy as consuming the following on a single day - after daily energy needs have been satisfied.

Malts & Shakes High in Calories - Consume about 3 to Gain 1 Pound

Many shakes & malts at fancy restaurants and fast food stops contain well over 1,000 calories each.

Ice Cream, Consume 3 Cups & Gain 1/2 a Pound

1 cup of certain brands of ice cream can equal 500 calories or more - and when it comes to ice cream, it's so easy to eat 2 cups or more. The common serving size for ice cream is 1/2 cup.

Iced Tea With Sugar, Loaded With Sweet Calories

Sweet tea can pack on pounds quickly due to the high sugar content. Two large glasses (not cups) of sweet tea can send the scales spiraling 800 calories or more, depending upon the greatness of the glass.

High Calorie Burgers - Eat 1 With Fries & a Large Drink & Gain About 1 Pound

Mouth-watering triple meat, double cheeseburgers come at a cost of over 1,000 calories per burger. Some contain close to 2,000 calories.

Giant Muffins, Eat Two & Gain About 1/3 a Pound

Those deliciously-tempting giant muffins and cookies also pack on pounds swiftly, weighing in at over 600 calories per muffin/cookie depending upon the brand and the goody recipe.

Fasting to Lose Weight, Not a Healthy Idea for Metabolic Rate

So should an individual who is feeling Diet Naughty simply indulge, then go on a two-day fast to drop that pesky pound?

Not a good idea.

Shutting down energy intake only serves to slow the metabolism, thus taking longer to drop that pesky pound.

It's a lose-lose situation anyway you look at that crummy one pound weight gain. And if it's that bitter dropping one measly pound - think about what the dieter must endure to drop ten pounds, twenty pounds, forty pounds, seventy pounds, and one-hundred pounds or more.

It's just one reason why anyone striving to lose weight deserves 100% support and the individual should be congratulated for doing such!

As a note, a two-pound per week drop in weight while dieting is considered the cat's meow!

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