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Cha-Cha Mexican Stew
Low Calorie Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Hear the fiesta music baying softly in the background?

It's compliments of our low calorie recipe for Cha-Cha Mexican Stew - a healthy mix of veggies and spices that is low in calories and dynamite on the tongue!

So easy to make that you can play your Spanish guitar and sing while preparing.

This low calorie recipe is also great for vegetarians.

For meat-eaters, feel free to add a few chunks of cooked lean meat, such as pork tenderloin. Or, you can use extra lean ground beef.

If you decide to make a thicker version of this recipe, you can do such by using less broth. You can then use the stew as a filling for all sorts of wonderful things - such as wrapping it into a flour tortilla.

Ingredients for this Low Calorie Mexican Stew

diet mexican stew recipe15 ounce can of drained kidney beans

15 ounce can of drained whole corn

15 ounce can of Mexican style chopped/diced tomatoes

15 ounce can of Chicken Broth

OR Vegetable Stock

One small diced onion

One-forth 'bunch' of cilantro, chopped

1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil

1 Package of Taco Seasoning (mild or hot)

How to Prepare Our Diet Mexican Stew Recipe

Heat olive oil and add chopped onion and cilantro. Cook until onion is tender. Add remaining ingredients and continue to cook until hot.

The entire recipe contains just under 1,000 calories and makes a giant pot.


Serve with a few crushed corn chips and grated cheese if desired, but be certain to account for additional calories. Rice also makes a fantastic addition to this tasty Mexican stew.

A Spanish version can be purchased at your market. Uncle Ben's is quite good and requires only thirty seconds to prepare - although it's a bit pricey these days.

For a cheaper and still-delicious Spanish rice, Knorr is difficult to beat. It costs about half as much as the Uncle Ben's and is quite delicious.

The only thing is that it requires a considerable amount of cooking time in comparison - but it's well worth the effort and you'll save money in the process.

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