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Heartburn & the Caffeine Connection

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Determining the Root of Heartburn Issues

There it is - that burning little something that seems to eat a hole right through the middle of your gut every night you climb into bed seeking a good night's rest.

But there it is....burning, bubbling, aching - making sleep impossible. It's time for a bit of Diet Sleuthing....

The good news is that a great deal of tummy and digestive upsets can be easily remedied without the use of risky medications and surgery.

Common circumstances which trigger bouts of digestive duress include:

- overeating

- types of foods consumed, including beverages

- eating late in the evening or before bedtime

- being overweight

- pregnancy

- a diet rich in dairy, proteins & grains - & deficient in fruits and vegetables.

This creates a highly acidic pH level amid metabolization which is one of the most common causes for heartburn.

To remedy, add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, particularly Vitamin-C rich selections. These go into the body in an acidic state but revert to an alkaline state after being metabolized.

Caffeine & Heartburn

One culprit that can cause many-a-sleepless night resides in caffeine.

And it's running rampant these days - spiked to the hilt in the newfangled energy drinks which are intended to bring a sense of alertness and vigor to the consumer.

Unfortunately, 'waking up' might mean keeping awake at night due to the digestive upset triggered by caffeine.

And unfortunately, there are other side effects of caffeine that are undesirable such as wide-eyes, the jitters, a feeling of running amuck and so forth. In fact, it may be more than heartburn keeping sleep at bay as caffeine isn't a friend to Mr. Sandman.

Therefore, if you're currently suffering from mild heartburn - a cure may be as simple as saying 'no' to caffeine.

If you can't live without your coffee or tea, switch to decaf.

If you find that you can't live without soda pop, try switching to those without caffeine.

Give your new approach to the decaffeinated world a chance - at least a few days. The benefits can be great and here are just a few:

- no more jitters


- increased perception


- ditching caffeine may in turn ditch panic attacks


- better sleep


- and no more heartburn!



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