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Holiday Dieting Survival

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Brand New Day for Dieting

Whether you were a little Diet Evil OR a lot Diet Evil lately, the good news is that today is a brand new day - an opportunity for a new beginning.

So put yesterday behind you - but please don't toss it from your memory. Some of the best learning experiences in life stem from past mistakes.

Start Your Diet at the Beginning, the Assessment Phase

First, let's begin by determining your current 'dieting' situation.

Currently on a Diet Situation

If you were currently on a weight loss plan and recently goofed - please don't imagine that you've blown your weight loss dreams to smithereens.

Get right back on track - today AND fortify your weight loss motivation as the following weeks ahead are mined with pitfalls that can obliterate your weight loss article graphic

Not on a Diet But Trying Not to Gain More Weight

If you are not on a weight loss plan and you are trying very hard to keep from gaining weight - good for you!

Sure, you may have fallen through the crack lately, particularly if commercial fruit cake wasn't the only food on the menu.

With this said, remember your mistakes from yesterday and move forward.

Setting New Goals for the Holiday Season Ahead

Your goal is to weigh the same after the holidays as you do now OR if you're in need of dropping some unwanted pounds, then aim to weigh less - whether you're on an official diet, or not.

Whatever your situation, the following weight loss tips for the holidays can be your survival guide.

Remember - your goal is to weigh less OR the same as you weigh right NOW after the holidays end. You do not want to put on more excess pounds that you'll have to lose after the holidays end.

Getting Active, Getting Your Mind Re-Centered On What's Important to You

- Take a walk each and every day particularly during the holidays OR do an activity that is fun. Even shopping burns calories.

Meal Related Dieting Tips

- Limit servings to single servings.

- Enjoy fruit for snack times.

- With the warmer weather on hand, try enjoying a serving of delicious soup before meal time.

You'll fill fuller, eat less and you'll be inserting nutritional values into your daily diet.

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