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Thanksgiving Diet Angel

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Kudos to Our Thanksgiving Dieters Who Remained True to Their Diet Plan

If you were a Diet Angel on Thanksgiving Day - I want to tell you that I'm sitting here beaming a huge ray of pride over your accomplishment!

And it's a HUGE accomplishment as there are very few individuals who make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without experiencing weight gain. And you did it! we drift back down to earth it's important to your Weight Loss Success that you continue your Diet Angel status.

The Forthcoming Christmas Holidays Will Offer Much Temptation, Therefore Work on Solidifying Your Willpower & Motivation

That's not to say that you can't enjoy a few holiday treats along the way OR that you can't enjoy the holiday season. There is much more to the season than eating.

Here are a few tips that I hope will help you keep your Diet Angel status as the holidays move forward - into our near future.

Keep in mind that the holidays are a little bit longer in some years due to Thanksgiving falling on an earlier date in the month.

That 'fourth Thursday in the month' comes sooner in some years than in others. So boost and strengthen your Diet Motivation NOW.

Contemplating How Much Weight You Can Lose During the Holidays That You Won't Have to Lose After the New Year

Although the holidays are in our near future, in a few weeks from now, they will be in our distant past.

Think of all the pounds you can loose in the interim compared to all the weight that can be gained.

You can either choose to gain 10 - 20 pounds OR you can lose such - it's your choice AND you already know what you want to do.

Monitor Those Tempting Desserts Which Are Both Fatty & High in Calories

Desserts are responsible for adding more pounds during the holiday season that any other food choices.

Most don't even belong in an Official Food Group and offer minimal to zero nutritional values.

Given such, fruit-based desserts are among the healthier choices, even though the sugar content generally outweighs the nutritional benefits.

When possible, create your own healthier desserts OR purchase desserts that are reduced calorie/reduced fat versions.

Plan Now for Support In Case You Should Need Such

If you find yourself waning during this tempting time of the year, make haste to find weight loss support in friends, family, local fitness clubs and Diet Bites (notice how nicely we fit that in?).

Procrastination Can Derail the Best of Diet Plans

One of the biggest mistakes made by dieters during the holiday season is quitting their weight loss plan to enjoy the tasty treats of the holidays and promising that they'll continue their diet after the holidays.

The end result tends to be massive weight gain and personal frustration once the new year rings in. So please don't make this mistake.

Stick to your Diet Guns. Continue to be a Diet Angel. You can do this! And you're going to look so sexy in that Santa OR Ms. Santa outfit come year-end!

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