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Weight Loss Tips for Permanent Results

Written by Diet Bites

Diet Now or Later?

In our area there is a commercial that has been running for years from a local business.

They talk about a damaged vehicle and why the owner should procrastinate getting the car repaired today rather than down the road.

They emphasize that prolonging repairs can create further damage to the vehicle.

And they warn that if you don't see them now - then you'll be seeing them later, and the outcome will be much more costly due to procrastination and the damage caused due to such.

Procrastinating Dieting, Continuing to Gain Weight Daily

This is much like weight gain.

For individuals who enter their young adulthood and have weight to lose - or who start putting on unwanted pounds don't need a bathroom scales to let them know that their body bulk has increased.

They can determine such by the following factors.

Clothes Fitting Tighter Generally First Sign of Weight Gain

1. The belt or skirt starts to fit snuggly or not at all.

2. The collars or necklines of outfits become strained due to expansion of fat. In addition, jewelry such as necklaces or chokers actually start choking because the fit so tightly.

3. The rump of pants and jeans becomes filled in and bulging.

4. Shoes start to hurt the feet because they feel too tight - as do the rings on the fingers.

5. It becomes necessary to purchase a larger size panty, undershorts and panty hose.

6. The material of the garment cuts into the upper arm and underarm areas. When sleeveless garments are worn, the underarm is chiefly impacted. When it holds short sleeves, the material may cut into the upper arm area. The garment may also fit tightly across the back and shoulder area.

7. A bulge or puff of fat starts to show itself in either or both the upper and lower abdominal areas. New-age girdles may be necessary to hold the fat closer to the abdominal area, thus presenting a thinner figure.

Weight Gain Hampers Our Energy Levels, Deflating Them

In addition, the individual may start to feel like they are less motivated to move and they may not even want to think about doing anything physical.

They tend to drift into activities which do not require an abundance of movement - such as the computer, gaming machines or the television.

Weight Gain Makes Thinking About Weight Loss Stressful

And when they attempt a weight loss plan and fail, they find that it's just too stressful, difficult and challenging to get the weight off - that they'll try again when they calm back down to normal. In the end, most individuals drift from one diet plan to another, never fully achieving permanent weight loss success.

Like that local commercial - you must either get the unhealthy weight off now - or later, you may be very sorry when health issues start to take over your former way of life.

On that note, here are some articles which can help get you started to a thinner, healthier you:

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