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Whoops, I Blew UP My Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Getting Back in Sync With Your Diet Plan

If you enjoyed too much food over the forth of July holiday, you may feel like you have blown up your diet along with the traditional firework display.

The fact that you're here - at Diet Bites speaks otherwise! Your desire to drop those extra pounds is still strong, so hang tough - and use these weight loss tips to help get your diet back on track.

Get right back on your Diet Horse

Don't wait to begin again. Start right now! Weight loss is accomplished by balancing every little calorie that you put into your body.

So many times, pre-dieters decide upon a particular diet plan, and then they choose a date to begin the diet plan.

Until that time, they are enjoying their last hurrah - eating everything and anything in sight, and as much as they can manage to hold.

Unfortunately, these aren't 'free' calories. They may appear to be free - just like a debit card.

After holiday dieting article. But like the debit card which pulls money from the bank account, calories that are not used by the body are stored in the fat cells. In turn, this equivocates to even more weight to lose when the diet plan begins.

Plan out your daily diet, daily:

By deciding on ALL the food and beverages that you'll be consuming throughout the day, you'll be empowering yourself in retaining control over your diet rather than leaving room for your appetite to do such.

Don't short yourself when it comes to food & beverages while dieting:

Too few calories will slow the weight loss process.

Here is an example of a 1400 calorie per day diet plan.

For your afternoon and evening snack time, enjoy any of the following which will total about 100 calories: 1 small peach, 1 large plum , 1 cup of berries, 1 cup of your favorite melon, 50 calories of yogurt, skim string cheese up to 50 calories, jerky up to 50 calories, rice cake up to 50 calories, 1/2 large banana, 1/2 large apple, 4 crackers up to 50 calories, 1/2 cup skim milk.

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast, milk

1 egg, scrambled, fried or poached - 100 calories

2 strips of bacon that have been microwaved - 70 calories

1 slice of whole grain toast - 70 calories

1 pat of butter or margarine - 30 calories

1 cup of skim milk - 80 calories

Total Calories = 350 calories

Lunch: hearty sandwich, cup of soup, crackers, milk

2 slices of whole grain bread - 140 calories

1 serving of Miracle Whip Light OR light salad dressing - 20 calories

1 slice of skim mozzarella cheese - 50 calories

3 ounces of lean, deli meat - 40 calories

lettuce & tomatoes - 25 calories

1 cup of soup of chicken noodle soup - 60 calories

5 saltine crackers - 60 calories

1 cup of skim milk - 80 calories

Total Calories = 475 calories

Dinner: fresh dill salmon, tartar sauce, spinach & cranberry salad with light dressing, brown rice, strawberries & whipped topping

4 ounces of salmon* - 200 calories

1/2 cup of brown rice , cooked - 100 calories

2 cups raw spinach + 1 teaspoon of cranberries + light dressing - about 100 calories (be certain to keep dressing calories in check)

1 cup strawberries + 1 serving of LIGHT topping - 75 calories

Unlimited unsweetened tea

*Season salmon with fresh dill & lemon pepper before baking in oven, if desired.

Total Calories = 475 calories

And obviously, our last diet tip is to stay tuned to Diet Bites! We'll do all that we can to keep you motivated to lose weight and we'll help you lose weight safely.

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