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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Beans & Franks Recipe

The Recipe Ingredients

1 can of pinto beans or ranch style beans
4 sliced Oscar Mayer Fat Free Beef Franks
1/2 cup of reduced fat cheese
sliced jalapeno peppers

How to Prepare This Recipe

Place sliced franks into a non-stick pan and cook until seared and golden brown on both sides. Use a bit of cooking spray if sticking occurs.

Add a medium can (2 serving size) of pinto beans to the pan and cook until hot and bubbly. Add the shredded low fat cheese. Finely shredded mozzarella works very well as does mild cheddar.

If you're feeding to little ones - go with the cheddar or even Colby as mozzarella is stringy and can pose a choking hazard for small kids.

Enjoy the beans and franks with a few jalapeno peppers if desired. This low calorie recipe contains about 600 calories and will feed three people generously for about 200 calories each.

Low Calorie Crescent Rolls & Cheesy Franks Recipe

The Recipe Ingredients

1 container of crescent rolls
8 Oscar Mayer Fat Free Beef Franks
4 slices of reduced fat cheese

If you prefer to use regular cheese - you can do that too for just a few more calories. Slice franks lengthwise without cutting through, fill with 1/2 slice of cheese and wrap in crescent roll and bake based on package directions.

Dieting: Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Winnie

Frankfurters & your weight loss plan - can they fit together?

The market is stocked with every variety of frankfurter imaginable these days: beef, pork, turkey, chicken - and even meatless winnies. And I've known a few of those in my days, but then again, haven't we all?

Which frankfurter is the best choice? Let's see how they stack up in calories and fat:

Beef Frankfurter: 148 calories, 13.31 fat grams

Chicken Frankfurter: 116 calories, 8.77 fat grams

Pork Frankfurter: 204 calories, 18.00 fat grams

Turkey Frankfurter: 102 calories, 7.96 fat grams

Meatless Frankfurter: 163 calories, 9.61 fat grams

Frankly (I couldn't resist), calories and fat will differ from variety to variety, but we can just about bank that the Poultry Guys win this calorie/fat contest hand's down.

But wait!

An even leaner Frank has entered the marketplace these days - a lighter, less fatty, but relentlessly tasty frankfurter. One brand that's absolutely fabulous when it comes to taste is Oscar Mayer. Their light frank contains a skinny 39 calories. Let's take a quick view of the nutrition capsule.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Low Fat Beef & Pork Frankfurters

Based on one reduced fat frankfurter.

Energy, Calories = 87
Protein = 6 g
Total Fat = 6 g
Saturated Fat = 2 g
Monounsaturated Fat = 3 g
Polyunsaturated Fat = .5 g
Cholesterol = 25 mg's
Carbs = 3 g
Dietary Fiber = zero g
Sugars = zero g
Calcium = 6 mg's

In Summary

When dieting, or not, the healthiest franks are the ones that are 'reduced fat'. Your arteries will thank you later...

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