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The Vegetarian Dieter

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Vegetarian's Dieting Dilemma

Riding over the barren Diet Desert under the hot baited breath of the sun appears a dieter from a new generation of dieters - lean, green and Vegetarian keen.  

Just take a good gander at this healthy rider - the extended chest stamped with an embroidered 'V' and  -  the look of compassion and caring lodged in the heart of a dieter who really gives a dang about their body and animal-kind.

Although this is the situation for a myriad of Vegetarians - the love of animals overpowering the modern day diet, for others it may simply be a case of choosing the 'more pure and perfect foods' that they put into the body.

Whatever the reason why Vegetarians are Vegetarians, their cause is noble and one which we support.

And it's not easy in a world where Meat Eaters rule.

Just look at the differences between Vegetarians and Meat Eaters below in this Veggie-Meat Eater throw-down between Meat Eater Evan and Vegetarian Violet.

To Market, To Market

The Excessive Meat Eater, an Unhealthy Diet

Meat Eater Evan sashays to the meat department where he meets-up with one of his favorite people - Buck the Butcher.

Buck has an assortment of deep-red meats waiting for Meat Eater Evan - all tucked away in white-wrapped packages sealed with matching tape.

The meat is loaded first onto a dolly, then into the back of Meat Eater Evan's oversized pickup truck with the classy mag wheels. Time to grill!  Ye-hah!

The Vegan Dieter, a Healthier Way of 'Life'

Vegetarian Violet escapes the bright sunlight as she walks under the umbrella of shade at the open fruit and vegetable market.

This is her favorite spot in town.

Soon, she has her wicker shopping basket loaded with a barrage of healthy fruits and vegetables: sweet-scented pineapple, delicious plump yams, tiny green cabbages, brooms of broccoli and bright orange carrots are just a few of her great finds.

Time to grill! Yippers!

Violet is not only making choices that she enjoys eating, she's making healthy choices, particularly over Evan's red meat selections.

Grilling Time for Losing Weight

Meat Eater Evan is currently roasting 1/2 a steer on his beefed-up grill, using a paint brush to smear on extra flavor created by his homemade sic-um-sauce recipe.

Vegetarian Violet also has a grill. Yes, believe it or not, Vegans enjoy the hissing of the grill as it gently kisses delectable vegetables and fruits.

Like Meat Eater Evan, Vegetarian Violet is also painting a delectable homemade marinade onto her healthy grilled kabobs consisting of tiny potatoes, chunks of yams, pineapple chunks, and tiny green cabbages.

The sweet glaze creates a golden brown texture on the kabobs, the delicious scent wafting across Vegetarian Violet's flared nostrils.

Time to Dine, Which Meal is Healthier?

The Meat Eater, Dining One's Way With Heart Attack on a Plate

Meat Eater Evan enjoys his steer with an assortment of tasty foods: country potato salad, baked beans, homemade bread and butter, and yummy slaw. A giant Mason jar filled with extra-sweet tea is also a must.

He likes meat cuts that contain lots of marbling. The leanest cuts are not only more expensive, they don't flavor the meat like he likes. Today, he's also enjoying a side of ribs which contain lots of visible fat.

Besides, when he saves money by purchasing the fattier cuts, he can buy even more meat.

Red meat. He enjoys red meats like beef over white meats like poultry. And he enjoys dark meat over light meat. Thighs and drumsticks are his choices.

At the table he likes to pair his meat proteins with hearty dishes - like the baked beans, potato salad and fresh bread. Butter. He heaps lots of butter onto everything. Real butter for a real man.

And for dessert, there's nothing like mincemeat pie to hit the spot.

The Vegan Dieter, Living 'Life' to the Fullest Without Sacrificing Flavor

Vegetarian Violet enjoys her vegetable kabobs with an assortment of tasty foods: a leafy salad with a splash of tomatoes, baked beans, homemade bread with a smear of strawberry preserves and yummy slaw prepared with light dressing.

Vegetarian Violet appears to be embracing a healthier daily diet than Meat Eater Evan. This is not to say that all meat eaters choose unhealthy daily diets. However, in comparison to Vegan eating it's not the healthier choice. And if most people had to kill animals in order to eat, we'd likely see a lot more Vegan eating.

The key word here is 'choose'. Most of us have the ability to choose what goes into our tummy and by making a few adjustments, we can all achieve great health benefits.

Daily Diet Tips for Vegetarians

As a note, there are many types of Vegetarians - from those who abstain from eating meat, to stricter Vegans who may even cut eggs from the daily diet.

Many hidden traps can be found in foods which the Vegetarian may have believed to be a good source for their daily diet.

For example, at one time animal bone meal was used in refined sugar to prevent clumping.

Common Food Issues for Vegans

Here are a few other commonly hidden food issues for Vegans:

- Certain vitamins such as fish oil supplements (an obvious example) contain animal by-products.

- Vegetable soup bases are often created with chicken or beef broths.

- Whole wheat foods generally contains little crushed bugs.

- Gelatin is an animal by-product that is found in many common foods - even in some cheesecake recipes. Gelatin is commonly used as a thickening agent. Marshmallows contain gelatin, therefore they contain animal by-products.

Health Impact of Unhealthy Vegan Diet

Cheese & Artery Health

Vegetarians often plug a lot of cheese into their daily diet in place of meats which in turn may plug up arteries.

Instead of cheese, opt for beans, lentils, peanut butter and eggs (for those Vegetarians who eat eggs) for protein needs.

The good news is that cheese is a complete protein as are milk and eggs. However, some types of Vegans do not allow any foods which are derived from animals in their daily diets - which of course, includes milk and eggs.

Sugar & Health

Sugar, syrup and other sweet concoctions quickly add up in calories but not in nutritional values. It's also harsh on the teeth.

Instead of adding ingredients to foods, try letting the cooking method flavor the foods. For example, grilled foods taste much differently than foods roasted in the oven or pan-fried.

Unfortunately, a Vegan lifestyle doesn't guarantee a healthy body or a trimmer body - although extremely noble. Be sure to embrace a healthy, balanced diet combined with a healthy level of exercise.

Tips for Vegans, Daily Diet Recipes

Substitute pinto, red, brown or black beans when preparing chili and tacos. For the tacos, you'll need to drain the bean thoroughly. For the chili, we enjoy a mix of these three ingredients.

Vegan Homemade Chili Recipe

The Recipe Ingredients

1 can of chili-seasoned pinto beans, any brand
1 can of chili-ready petite diced tomatoes, any brand
1/4 to 1/2 cup of bottled chili sauce
1 can of drained yellow hominy, optional

Simply add all of the ingredients together, top with shredded cheese if desired. Add sliced of pickled jalapeno pepper if you wish. Enjoy with a few saltines, or a serving of tortilla chips.

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