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Over Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Emotional Challenges Common With Weight Gain

Being over weight often causes an individual to feel disappointed about what they have physically transformed into - and that's not good.

With time, that disappointment floods over into over areas of everyday living - from relationships to the workplace.

It's important to feel good about yourself - no matter what you weigh because feeling good about one's self is healthy!

And when the overweight individual starts to drone on those unwanted pounds and the impact that they are having on appearance, it creates stress. Here is an example of what often follows....

How Thin & Over Weight Individuals React to Weight Gain

If you think about it, 99.9% of individuals want to lose weight - even those who are thin. Rarely, is anyone totally satisfied with their body.

Whether the individual is thin or over weight they both react differently to weight gain. Note that 'thin' equals recommended weight - not bone-thin, unhealthy thin.

- Individuals who are thin and want to stay that way resist exceeding their required caloric intake in order to do such.

They have the same cravings as over weight individuals - they enjoy desserts, fried foods and so forth. The defining difference is that they enjoy them in moderation or they restrict them in their daily diet.

While some individuals can get away with eating almost anything that they want to without gaining weight, most of us can't. Sometimes individuals who are at their recommended weight get frustrated with overweight individuals as they do not understand why they can't exercise their willpower and their bodies in order to be at their recommended weight.

Fact is, food is an addition for overweight individuals - and it's an addiction that is difficult to overcome.

- On the flip-side, individuals who are over weight and want to be thin may react by overeating as stress fuels despair and frustration over their current weight.

So we see we have two dynamics - thin (again, recommended weight) vs over weight. Both dynamics have their own set of issues but it's interesting to note how each group reacts over weight issues.  

Because individuals who are at their recommended weight can see how they look in their thinner state - they are attune to weight gain and will cope in retaining their slim shape.

On the other hand, many overweight individuals haven't seen what their thinner self looks like in years - and sometimes in decades. Although there is a thinner-self just waiting to break-through the layers of fat, a lack of faith and willpower in the over weight individual is more powerful.

Believing That You Can Lose Weight is Vital to Success

The overweight individual must first believe that they can achieve a trimmer body and a healthier state via embracing a healthier lifestyle. However, that is much easier said than done for the over weight individual.

So if you are over weight, whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed about your weight try acknowledging those feelings rather than pounding them so far into the ground that you utterly destroy all existence of self-confidence. Sure, it can be frustrating to be over weight. It can be embarrassing to be over weight. But your weight is NOT you.

Once an individual accepts their over weight state, a path is carved that leads towards weight loss because as humans, it's part of our nature to determine the problem and then find a solution - and in the case of 'over weight' that transforms into a healthy daily diet, moderate activity and relaxation by enjoying the things that we love. Like one's self.....

In the end - thin is in BUT 'healthy' is the wealthy one - a daily diet rich in benefits for the body, mind and spirit - and most importantly, happiness and self-confidence.

You can lose weight over time but you don't have to wait to enjoy happiness or self-confidence.

You can do that by starting now. Smiles are contagious; self-confidence is admirable.

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