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Types of Olive Oil, Health Impact
of Fried Natural Foods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oil is Well With Olive Oil - Healthy Oils

When it comes to cooking oils, the best above all the rest is healthy extra virgin olive oil.

High in monounsaturated fats, olive oil may assist in lowering total cholesterol, high blood pressure and glucose levels.

Different Olive Oil Varieties

Tip: Purchase in dark-colored bottles so that it isn't exposed directly to light. At home, store in a dark area of your pantry. This will assist in keeping it clear rather than turning cloudy, which is the oil's reaction to light.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Superior oil from the first pressing of the olives. Choose oil lowest in acidity.

This is the best of the varieties listed on this page. If you check the bottles at the market, you'll find that 99.9% are not of this variety.

Olive Oil, Mixed Blend

A mix of blended oils spiked with 5% - 25% of virgin olive oil, yet still high in monounsaturated fats.

Olive-Pomace Oil

After the olives have been pressed, Olive-Pomace Oil is extracted from the pomace through use of solvents.

Light Versions of Olive Oil

Light versions contain the same amount of calories and fat as other versions of olive oil; light simply refers to the coloring of the oil, as well as the 'light' taste.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Olive Oil

Based on one cup.

Calories = 1,909 kcals
Total Lipid Fat = 216 grams
Saturated Fat = 31 grams
Monounsaturated Fat = 158 grams
Polyunsaturated Fat = 23 grams
Cholesterol = 0 mg's

Per Tablespoon, the energy values equal about 120 kcals.

Olive oil is void of carbs, dietary fiber, sugars, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. We would have to consume one cup in order to receive 2 mg's of calcium or potassium. The iron values would equal a table over 1 mg.

Calorie & Fat Gram Impact Oil Has on Natural, Healthy Foods

Because oil is so hefty in caloric content - chiefly because of the dietary fat gram content, once-healthy foods that take a bath in a tub of oil come out dripping with now only excess fat - but also a lot more calories.

So how many calories does a dip in the oil pit add to natural foods? Let's see...


Eight pods of raw okra that are about three inches in length contain about 29 calories and 0.10 dietary fat grams. A cup of sliced okra contains about 31 calories. A 1/2 cup of fried okra contains about 300 calories.

White Mushrooms

One cup of whole raw mushrooms contains 21 calories and 0.33 dietary fat grams. One cup of fried mushrooms contains about 300 calories and 23 dietary fat grams.


A half-dozen fried shrimp contain about 450 calories and 25 grams of dietary fat. They also contain almost 70% cholesterol and 40 total carbohydrate grams.

Fried Shrimp at Restaurants

Cracker Barrel: One serving of fried shrimp contains 544 calories and 35.02 fat grams. One shrimp contains 43 calories and 2.77 fat grams.

Denny's: One serving of Golden Fried Shrimp contains 277 calories and 16.67 fat grams. One shrimp contains 44 calories and 2.67 fat grams.

Applebee's: One serving of Double Crunch Shrimp contains 514 calories and 30.21 fat grams. One shrimp contains 34 calories and 1.98 dietary fat grams.

T.G.I. Friday's: One serving of breaded shrimp contains 284 calories and 17.84 fat grams while one shrimp contains 24 calories and 1.48 fat grams.

Restaurant, Family Style Shrimp - breaded & fried: One serving contains 397 calories and 24.43 fat grams. One shrimp contains 36 calories and 2.21 dietary fat grams.

Fast Foods Shrimp, breaded & fried: One shrimp contains 52 calories and 3.21 dietary fat grams. Per 100 grams, fried shrimp contains 308 calories and 18.90 dietary fat grams.

In Summary

Foods fried in oil increase greatly in caloric and dietary fat content - at times containing more than ten times the caloric values of their natural peers.

The healthiest oils include extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil and canola oil. Use sparingly in the daily diet - when dieting or not to cut heart attack and stroke risks.

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