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10 Breakfast Foods High in Calories

Written by Diet Bites

Oh those high calorie breakfast foods - they can really do a dieter in....

We start our day with the best of intentions in mind - to rev up our metabolism and fuel our bodies with much-needed energy due to the overnight fast. However, there are many pitfalls hidden along the Old Diet Trail when it comes to calories and fat at the breakfast table.

Our Top 10 Breakfast Foods Ranking Extreme in Calories


Breakfast Foods



Giant Muffins Topped With Nutty Goodness

> 500


Biscuits (2) & Gravy (1/4 cup)

> 650


Big Boy Bagels, Cream Cheese & Juice

> 800


French Toast (2) & Syrup (1/4 cup)

> 550


Toaster Pastries

 > 400


Jelly Donut & Coffee (w/sugar & creamer)

> 450


Buttered Croissant  & Spoon of Jam

> 475


Cheese Danish & Glass of Milk

> 500


Pancakes (2) & Syrup (1/4 cup)

> 750


Granola Type Cereal & Milk

> 450

When the above breakfast foods are grabbed on the fly at our favorite fast-food stops, calories skyrocket further still. That French toast may jack up to over 1,000 calories.

So does this mean that an individual should never AND can't ever enjoy the above breakfast foods? Of course not. Many of the above foods can be trimmed down to fit into the waistline of our desires with a bit of savvy, and in some cases - a bit of sacrificing of taste. Here are a few tips that might help:

Giant Anything for Breakfast

Excess in foods of any type will pump up calories. Giant muffins, bagels, pancakes and Croissants can be trimmed in calories and fat simply by opting for smaller portions and by watching what we smear onto them.

Diet Donut Heaven

When everyone in the workforce has a donut stuck between their teeth except you, it makes work production very hard. Rather than typing up a professional paper, you may pause to find that you've typed 'donut' all over the page instead.

So for those times when only a donut will do, skip the jelly, the powdered sugar, the frosting, the sour cream, the creamy fillings and grab a plain-Jane donut. Most plain donuts range from 180-220 calories.

Biscuits & Gravy

What a heart-warming meal! There's nothing quite like a plate of biscuits and gravy on a cold, brisk morning, is there? But heart-warming? Not quite as those super-sized biscuits can contain 250 calories or more per biscuit. And most gravy bases consist of melted fat.

But when only biscuits and gravy will do, opt for those light in calories. As for the gravy, try using the ones found in boxes and jars so that portions can be accurately measured. Some equal OR are better when it comes to taste than homemade. Pioneer makes an awesome cream gravy mix in a box that's moderate in calories.

Granolaville, Granola is Extreme in Caloric Values

The thing that gets the old Diet Pocketbook when it comes to granola-type cereals is the serving size. Most individuals reach for the box and pour their cereal into a bowl. Most cereal serving sizes equal 1 to 1/ 1/2 cups but in the case of granola, it's generally a scant 1/4 cup - about 2 Tablespoons. Not much, but big on calories and often on fat.

Another calorie cruncher tends to be Grape Nuts cereal. They are so delicious, it's hard to enjoy one serving size. And again, it's that 1/4 cup serving size that will can ya.

Our tip is to enjoy the recommended 1/4 cup serving size with skim milk and a spoon of sugar or Splenda if desired.

Juice, a High Calorie Selection

Although healthy, juices tend to extremely high in calories. Opt for the unsweetened versions and be sure to enjoy the recommended serving size.

Popular Coffee Houses, Blends Can Contain More Calories & Fat Than a Cheeseburger

Save a lot of calories by ordering simple Java. Those creamy concoctions found in popular coffee houses sometimes hold more calories than a fast-food shake or malt.

Many cheeseburgers contain less fat and calories than specialty brews.

STARBUCKS Egg Nog Latte, 460 calories, 21 total fat grams for a Grande 16 ounce size with 2% milk added. The same size Caramel Brulee Latte contains 360 calories, 6 total fat grams while the Cafe Mocha  contains 260 and 8 total fat grams.

MCDONALDS Small Frappe Caramel contains a whopping 450 calories and 19 grams of total fat for the 12 fluid ounce size.

The Chocolate Chip Frappe contains 530 calories and 23 grams of total fat. In comparison, the Big Mac contains only 20 more calories! In addition, fat grams only increase by 6 grams! This Frappe specialty beverage contains as many calories as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at 520 calories. Seriously, which would you rather put into your diet?

Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and accomplishes the following for our bodies:

- Breakfast sets our pace for the day.

- Breakfast may help kids get better grades, as well as help adults accomplish amazing feats at work prompting giant salary increases.

- Breakfast helps stabilize sugar levels.

- Breakfast offers an opportunity for fighting cholesterol with healthy servings of grains like wheat and oats, as well as delicious fresh fruits.

- Breakfast recharges the system.

- Breakfast can assist us in achieving a happier potty time via fiber.

So with so many great benefits in store, what's in store at your breakfast table tomorrow morning? See 10 High Calorie Food Combinations

Why Am I Fat? Why Am I Overweight? |  Causes of Unwanted Weight Gain


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