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Lipton Green Teas, Weight Loss
Includes Flavonoid Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lipton Green Teas, Perfect Cup for Dieters Seeking Healthy Weight Loss Results

We've tried all of the different varieties of Lipton Green Teas available in our area and we haven't found one that we didn't absolutely love.

They are all flavorful, delicious - and contain zero calories which makes them a perfect line-up for dieters or anyone seeking improved health.

We've listed several healthy benefits of green tea below, so be sure and check that information out before leaving.

For now, get cozy while we look at the flavonoids packed inside of the Lipton Green Teas.

What are flavonoids? We're glad you asked. Flavonoids are common plant pigment compounds. They react as antioxidants in the body, supporting cell health, boosting immunity levels, enhancing the effects of Vitamin C foods while strengthening connective tissues which surround capillaries.

Indeed, this super food is absolutely loaded with healthy bites which can add flavor and delight to your day.

Flavonoids in Lipton's Green Teas

The following data is based on one cup of prepared tea [8 fluid ounces]. We have placed an asterisk beside the flavors that we think are the best-tasting teas.

We enjoy adding our favorite coffee creamers to the teas; we've never experienced any curdling. Just one Tablespoon is enough to sweetened and add a creamy texture to the brew. As a side health note, green tea is fat-free.

The Passionfruit Coconut is a soothing cup of warmth and makes one want to nestle into a blanket and read a good book.

We keep going back to the Orange Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea again and again. Out of all that we've tried, it's our favorite blend. The Honey Lemon varieties are also fabulous as is the Red Goji Raspberry blend.

Flavoniod Milligrams Per Cup

Pure Green Tea = 150
**Orange Passionfruit Jasmine = 80
Lemon Ginseng = 120
**Red Goji Raspberry = 112
**Decaffeinated Honey Lemon = 70
Decaffeinated Jasmine Passionfruit With Citrus = 80

Mixed Berry = 90

**Passionfruit Coconut = 90

Decaffeinated Green Tea = 130

**Purple Acai Blueberry = 108

Cranberry Pomegranate = 100

Decaffeinated Blackberry Pomegranate = 95

Acai Dragonfruit Melon = 100

**White Mangosteen Peach = 110
 **Mandarin Orange = 120
Honey Green Tea = 70

Green Tea - It's Diet Tea Time!

Green tea is a super food that can add oomph to your weight loss plan while boosting health.

Want to add a healthy brew to your weight loss plan that will not only stimulate weight loss results - but also add healthy benefits? Then look no further than green tea. The only tea that offers a bigger burst of health is white tea - the baby leaves of the tea.

Unfortunately, the taste of green tea may not suit the palate of all dieters. The unusual flavor tends to become an acquired taste and these days, is often masked in unique versions of green tea which have been mixed with other fruity flavors.

There are brands which mix the green tea with the white - and these may be best for those who aren't familiar with the flavor of green tea as the white leaves leave a more palatable, milder taste to the finished brew.

Brewing methods greatly influence the flavor as well as the bitterness in the tea. If the water is too hot, the tea may release tannin (a bitter tasting astringent) creating a stronger cup of tea. Be sure to read the package directions for properly steeping the tea.

For an exotic flair, try adding flavored tea, including green tea blends to home recipes instead of the recommended amount of water. Simply match the amount of liquid tea to the recommended amount of water. This technique works especially well when baking quick breads.

When serving quick breads made with flavored teas, be sure to serve a piping hot cup of tea alongside which will complement and bring out the hint of tea in the quick bread.

To trim calories and fat content in recipes, substitute sugar with Splenda and oil/fats with any of the following:

- unsweetened applesauce

- dried, chopped fruits

- mashed banana (or a pulse of most any fresh fruit)

Even chopped nuts make a healthier addition to home recipes that pure oil.

Green Tea Facts

- Green Tea is an anti-oxidant and may fight against certain cancers.

- Like all teas, green tea is virtually calorie and fat free.

- In science and health studies green tea has been shown to reduce risks related to heart disease.

Fax Oxidation Abilities Boost Metabolic Rate

- Green tea by itself will not promote significant weight loss results unless modification of the daily diet is paired with a moderate exercise plan.

However, weight related health studies indicate that green tea extracts combined with caffeine and polyhenols (natural plant compounds holding health benefits) produce heat (thermogenesis) which stimulate the oxidation of fat.

This process assists in boosting metabolic rate by 4% without raising heart rate so that a quicker rate of weight loss occurs - as is the situation with a faster metabolism ratio.

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