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Calories in Red, Green, Savoy
Chinese & Swamp Cabbages

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Where Do Good Diets Come From? Ah - The Cabbage Patch!

Cabbage is a super food which can add oomph to your weight loss plan!

Look what's hatching in the Cabbage Patch - and their heads appear to be all different colors of the rainbow.

Over here, we see the common green cabbage - and over there, purple cabbage, and yes, over there appears to be some lime-green colored Chinese cabbage.

Beautiful, virtually fat-free and so low in calories that we could just about enjoy the entire cabbage patch without blowing our diets. But of course, we don't want to do that. We wouldn't want the other members of the Cabbage Family to get jealous, now would we?

All work favorably in the diet to promote weight loss including brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli The Broom of the Gut (author's term).

Another diet perk? Cabbage helps combat ageing by boosting the body's defenses against certain types of cancer.

Diet-Wise Uses for Cabbage

Wrap around extra-lean beef to make cabbage rolls, toss shredded cabbage into soup for a tasty brew, and for a dynamite slaw add a bit of light Miracle Whip, golden raisins, celery salt and Splenda to shredded cabbage.

Calories & Nutrition Facts for Varieties of Cabbage

The low caloric content of cabbage is just one thing that draws dieters to the patch. Let's take a look at the nutritional value of popular species of cabbage in its raw state.

Raw cabbage contains zero cholesterol and virtually zero dietary fat grams.

Common Green Cabbage: One head contains 218 calories.

A half a cup of shredded common green cabbage contains a skinny 8 calories.

The percentage of fat is so minimal that it's enough to make a grown dieter click their heels together.

Other nutrition facts: Calcium 16 mg, 17.9 mg of Vitamin C, 1.88 carbohydrate grams.

Chinese Cabbage: One cup contains a skinny 12 calories.

There's also a nutritional perk of calcium benefits at 59 mg per shredded cup as well as 181 mg per cup - as well as 20.5 mg of Vitamin C and 32.6 g of Vitamin K. Total carbohydrate grams per shredded cup equals 2.45 grams.

Calories & Nutrition Facts for Green & Red Cabbage

Let's view the nutrition facts for red and green cabbage. The data is based on raw state.

One large head is about 5" round. One medium head is 5" round and a small head is about 4" in diameter. The leaves contain 5-7 calories each.

Red Cabbage

Nutritional Elements


1 cup chopped

large head

medium head

small head

Kcals kcal 28 352 260 176
Protein g g 1.27 16.22 12.00 8.11
Total Fat g g 0.14 1.81 1.34 0.91
Carb g g 6.56 83.58 61.83 41.79
Fiber g g 1.9 23.8 17.6 11.9
Sugars g g 3.41 43.43 32.13 21.72

Green Cabbage

Nutritional Elements


1 cup chopped

large head

medium head

small head

Kcals kcal 22 312 227 178
Protein g g 1.14 15.97 11.62 9.14
Total Fat g g 0.09 1.25 0.91 0.71
Carb g g 5.16 72.38 52.66 41.41
Fiber g g 2.2 31.2 22.7 17.8
Sugars g g 2.85 39.94 29.06 22.85

Savoy Cabbage Nutrition

Savoy Cabbage: One cup shredded contains 19 calories, 1.40 grams of protein, 4.27 total carbohydrate grams, 24 mg of calcium, 161 mg of potassium, 21.7 mg of Vitamin C and 48.2 g of Vitamin K.

Calories & Nutrition Facts for Skunk Cabbage, Swamp Cabbage

What about Swamp Cabbage - commonly referred to as Skunk Cabbage? Let's see the nutritional data based on one cup, chopped.

Calories = 11 kcals
Protein = 1.5 g
Total Fat = trace
Carbs = 2 g
Dietary Fiber, Total = 1.2 g
Calcium = 42 mg's
Iron = 1 mg
Magnesium = 40 mg
Potassium = 175 mg
Vitamin C = 31 mg's


It is also a rich source of Vitamin A at 3528 IU per shredded cup.


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