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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Recharge your weight loss plan with our savvy dieting articles.

Grazing on Weight Gain - Learn how to stomp weight gain in its tracks with these tips.

Diet Bikini Frustration - Don't get frustrated - get cracking on your weight loss plan and ditch the weight. Learn how dieter Molly did just that.

The Relaxing Diet Plan - Yes, you can relax and lose weight too.

The Hungries vs the Munchies - Separating the hungries from the munchies.

Diet Snack Time - Healthy snack fixes for your weight loss plan.

Wizard & Hector Hit Diet Pay Dirt - Wizard and Hector find weight loss motivation.

Diet Bread Pudding - Diet Bites delicious and very easy to prepare bread pudding recipe.

Economical Diet Pasta Recipe - You don't have to do without your pasta-fix while losing weight!

Walking Off the Diet Cliff - Are you like our Dieter Clyde who is a bit lost in the Diet Woods? If so, we'll put you back on the straight and narrow diet path.

Let Us Diet - Healthy green goodness for your weight loss plan - oh the ways with lettuce.

My Diet is Just Peachy - Low calorie recipes prepared with peaches.

Fast Weight Loss - Trotting towards weight loss sure takes a lot of hard work.

Moroccan Stir Fry With Couscous - Grab your sandalwood incense - it's time to make our couscous recipe.

Diet Temptation, Strike Three - Batting three outs while dieting doesn't mean you still can't steal home.

Now That'sa Pizza Pie! - Our low calorie pizza pie recipe.

Banana Calories & Quick Low Calorie Recipes - Our low calorie banana recipes.

Diet Chicken Little - Our Little bird finds big nest of weight loss tips. Yes, he has arrived at Diet Bites.

Dieting - Dare to be Different  - Thinking out of the diet box can render results that the dieter may have never even considered before.

Dancing Around the Donuts - Can you still have your Friday donut and lose weight too?

Diet Brain - Tips to scare away those mean old crows whose intent is to pick your diet clean.

A True Weight Loss Story - This is a personal, rather humorous story about my dad and one of his crazy diets.

Dieter Jane's Weight Loss Success Story - See Jane diet. See Jane lose weight. Go, Jane, go!