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Diet Pizza, Now That'sa Pizza Pie!
How to Make a Lower Calorie Pizza

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Craving a pizza with pizzazz while dieting?  

This luscious little lovely might harness those taste buds and keep you frolicking through the wildflowers of Diet Land with a smile on your lips.

The Ingredients for Low Calorie, Lower Fat Pizza

1 hoagie bun or French bread cut in half (careful!).  Aim for a calorie content of 150 calories.

About 1/2 cup of your favorite marinara sauce. Aim for about 35 calories.

2 slices of skim mozzarella cheese.  Aim for 50 calories per slice for a total of 100 calories.

Non-stick butter spray.

How to Prepare Our Lower Calorie Pizza

Spray non-stick pan with butter spray. Next, spray the non-crusted side of the bread with butter spray and place carefully onto warm pan.


Allow it to toast on a slow heat so that you achieve a nice, buttery, crunchy, crusty layer on your bread. Crusty can be good!

Remove and place onto a plate. Top the toasted side with piping hot marinara sauce. You'll want your sauce hot so that it will melt the cheese.  


"What diet?"




If you require a more melty cheese, then pop into the microwave for just a few seconds to allow cheese to melt more.

Fold mozzarella cheese in half and place two slices on each toasted bread.

The total calories for this delicious pizza bread is about 285 calories.  

Recipe Notes

Here are a few more great ideas and notes for this great pizza recipe alternative.

This recipe can be split and shared, making it a great snack choice for less than 150 calories, particularly for lovers - pizza lovers, too!

This recipe contains so few calories that there is room for a healthy salad!  

A great mix: field greens, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumber served with a favorite low calorie salad dressing.

One of our favorite 'less than 10 calorie' recipes is to add a bit of Splenda to the juice of one lemon, plus a bit of grated ginger. Drizzle over salad OR serve on the side.

Try adding any of the following to Doll-Up this great original recipe from Diet Bites: black olives, green olives, caramelized onions, saluted mushrooms, bell peppers, dried peppers, grated parmesan cheese and roasted tomatoes or peppers.

Serve with a tall glass of Diet Lemonade, diet soda or a classy glass of spring water.

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