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Diet Temptation, Strike Three

Written by Diet Bites

Resisting Temptation for Weight Loss Results

Week one of the diet plan, we can leap tall eclairs with a single bound.  Week two of the diet plan, we can still jump over the candy stick.  Week three of the diet plan, we become weak.

Although we enjoy bathing in our unleashed pool of temptation, once we recover and re-enter the Land of Reality where our current clothing fits tightly and our bathroom scales weigh heavily, we often regret surrendering to temptation rather than surrendering to thin.

'It' happens to the best of us - even to those dieters who possess nerves of steel and have a giant 'S' for success stamped upon their puffed up chests.  

And yes, it even happens to Guy Dieters.

So what's a body to do when Diet Temptation strikes? Tips that work.

Here are a few roses to help get you past those prickly thorns:

Don't spend time wallowing in the powdered sugar remains of that token donut that led you across the boundaries of Plump & Thin.  Dry up those tears, those regrets and get right back on your plan NOW!  Waiting only prolongs the agony of defeat.

The fact that you succumbed to a binge overload might indeed be a GOOD thing.  Good thing, you say?  What - are you nuts?

YES, a very GOOD thing BECAUSE now you have physically identified one of your dietary weaknesses and you can devise an iron-clad plan to keep this tempting goody from damaging your diet plan.

We all learn from our mistakes, and this is particularly true while dieting.  

But often times, we fail to take note of what we have learned along our journey and we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again - like a ruptured melody.

So take notes and yearn to learn.  You'll soon become an expert in the art of losing that unwanted fat and when put into action, the rewards come in the form of a thinner, healthier body.

Keep a bin of fresh fruits on hand that will quell appetite and desire.

Be cautious and attentive to your tummy.  Allowing a tummy to run on empty is a Recipe for Failure.

It's a good idea to indulge in those favorite foods while holding the reins in your hands.  Allot calories so that they fit comfortably into your eating plan.

Most of those favorite foods come in the form of high calories.

Example: We can enjoy one donut OR four cups of fresh strawberries. Which would you rather have?

Sure, if you're craving something exceptionally sweet - then you'll most likely want to reach for the donut.

But although the donut and strawberries contain the identical number of energy values, there are two elements which enter the nutritional picture:

1. Bulk. To lose the fat, satisfying your appetite is key. Because the fruit offers a significant amount more volume, you're going to feel much fuller than if you'd chosen the donut. But take note because you really don't need to eat 4 cups of the fruit. Try eating two for starters. Fruit is exceptional in quelling appetite as well as making the tummy feel very full.

2. Fat. The berries are virtually fat-free while the sweet treat contains considerable fat. While fatty acids can assist in decreasing appetite, they are stored within the human body much differently than those that have zero to minimal values. And the storage area usually incorporates the upper abdominal area - right beneath the breast area.

Foods that are often considered taboo while dieting, such as cheeseburgers and pizza, aren't always as deadly as they appear.

Both pizza and cheeseburgers contain a good many of the recommended food groups - such as dairy, protein and grain.

We can make a healthier burger or pizza in our own quaint kitchens. And on that note, we've got a pizza recipe that tastes fantastic, contains minimal fat and is calorie friendly. Now That'sa Pizza Pie!

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