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The Hungries vs The Munchies

Written by Diet Bites

True Hunger - Or a Case of the Munchies?

One of the keys to weight loss is the dieter's ability to determine whether they are truly hungry OR if they are simply fondling a box of the munchies.

It's a great challenge but we're here to help with a list of our best tips for distinguishing hungries from munchies:

The Truly Hungry Dieter Frankie

planet01_green.gifDieter Frankie has a true case of the hungries.  His stomach is rumbling, his mouth is watering as he smells the fresh broccoli cooking in the kitchen.  

The fact that Dieter Frankie doesn't generally favor broccoli BUT would be content to dive in, exhibits his true feeling of hunger.

Take a gander at Dieter Frankie.  He is so hungry that he is imagining that he currently has food in his hands.  

Diet Bites recommends that he eat his broccoli soon - before a binge threatens - BEFORE Dieter Frankie gets so ravenous that he grabs cheese to smother his broccoli in, as well as a loaf of garlic bread, two roasted Cornish hens, a box of stuffing and a green olive.

The Truly Munchie Dieter Frankie

planet01_green.gifDieter Frankie has a true case of the munchies.  He is searching through his Diet Universe for something to occupy his choppers - something to stuff into his little white powdered face.

His search is a diligent one because Dieter Frankie isn't in the Diet Mood for just any old food.  Oh no.  Dieter Frankie wants something that will last a long time - a long, long time - something like hot buttered popcorn.  Extra salt and extra butter, will you please.

But once Dieter Frankie douses the popcorn, he is still wandering loosely through the Diet Garden of Good and Evil, searching, looking, digging, scratching for something else that will satisfy his Case of the Munchies.

The trouble is that Munchies cannot be satisfied without first killing a productive diet.

Diet Tips to Avoid Munching & Snacking

Before hitting the pantry and throwing your diet to the wind, check the direction of the wind.  You don't want anything blowing back into your face once you're done, particularly cheesy or gooey objects.

Ask yourself:

Am I TRULY hungry?  

Is my tummy growling?  

Am I feeling picky about what I want to eat?

What activity am I currently involved in?  Watching television?  Playing a video game?

Talking with my mother in law over the phone?  And does such activity prompt the munchies?

Will a fresh fruit snack fill my urge to eat?

Do I need to go ahead and just enjoy my next planned meal?

How long until I retire for the evening?  If it's within the next couple of hours, you don't want food resting in your tummy while you are trying to rest. The body needs to be at a level where TOTAL rest can be achieved so that you'll feel like a new Spring Diet Chicken come morning.

If you determine that you are truly experiencing a case of the munchies, then grab that fresh piece of fruit OR a stick of gum OR some raw veggies OR - well, you get the picture, you smart dieter you!

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