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Weight Loss Hot Spots in Diet Plans

Written by Diet Bites

Hot Spots in Diet Plans Than Can Lead to Diet Failure

Seven hot spots that may make the difference between Diet Success and Diet Failure - such as too much exercise.  Ooh - this could get good.....

Diet Hot Spot #1. Too much exercise.  

Whenever an individual begins a diet plan for weight loss, they are automatically overwhelmed.  First off, they must adjust to the new daily menu, one that most likely lacks the fat and sugar that their currently daily diet contains.  They must also adjust to the lower calorie levels.  They generally war-within, because dieting indeed is stressful.

Combined in the mix is exercise.  While exercise is necessary for optimum health, as well as instrumental in hastening weight loss, most diet plans recommend far too much exercise for the new dieter.  

We suggest that the dieter combine MODERATE exercise with their new diet plan.  Start by taking a short walk - then build up. By taking baby steps at the beginning of the diet plan, you'll soon be running full steam across the Weight Loss Finish Line.

We also recommend that individuals incorporate activities that they enjoy doing.  If you don't like riding a stationary bike - what about a real bike?  Skating?  Hula-hooping?  Jumping rope?  Hiking?  Fact is, if you don't enjoy what you're doing, it isn't going to last long.  We humans tend to shy away from being forced to do things that we don't like doing.  Why? Because life is too short.  So make it longer by getting in adequate exercise and by using your noggin'.  Slow and steady wins the Weight Loss Race.

Diet Hot Spot #2. Not enough food.  

Recently I reviewed one of my father's old Diet Menus and boy oh boy - was that Diet Puppy thin on food.  Quite frankly, 1,000 calories per day is insufficient in meeting an adult's daily nutritional needs.

Diet plans on the whole tend to contain low-calorie foods, such as cucumbers, lettuce and carrots, and while these are nice daily diet fillers, they don't work well in filling up the tummy because they lack satiety power.  

It's a good idea to take a thorough look at the diet plan and arrange it so that foods that hold satiety power and keep you feeling full for hours to come (such as beans, butternut squash, oatmeal and yes, even peanut butter) are part of the daily diet.  Most any food can be incorporated into the daily diet when done so in moderation.

Diet Hot Spot #3. Diet Plans are not focused around ethnicity.  

We firmly believe that ethnicity holds a big key where weight is concerned and there are several articles at Diet Bites on this subject.  We encourage dieters to get in touch with their ethnicity and acquaint themselves with the foods associated with their proud heritage.

It is also interesting to know that locally grown crops contain different nutritional values than crops that are grown elsewhere. In other words, a pineapple grown in the tropics won't contain the same nutritional values as a pineapple grown in the Texas valley.

Allergy Tip:  Studies indicate that allergy suffers may even find relief by consuming honey that has been harvested locally - locally being the keynote here.

In summary, most of us have been removed from our original roots and by combining the old ways with the new ways, our daily diets have the ability to impart healthy opportunities.

Diet Hot Spot #4. Diet Plans are not focused around the history of family health.  

Learning about the health of your ancestors can be a great weapon in conquering weight issues, and also a staff to a longer life span.

Another interesting health note: Recent studies indicate that mother's milk may prevent childhood diabetes.  Infants given only cow's milk suggested a 10-time risk increase for developing juvenile diabetes.

Diet Hot Spot #5. Diet Plans lack NATURAL fiber. 

We aren't big on over the counter fiber remedies due to the troublesome side-effects, as well as the ingredients contained in these products.  Any product that produces bloating, gas and even mild abdominal pain is something that should be discussed with a qualified health professional before taking.

Reach for natural fiber found in dried fruits, nuts and beans - just to name a few.  

Diet Hot Spot #6. Diet Plans lack mental stimulation. 

An individual's mind set is key to weight loss.  Weight loss requires great focus and motivation.  We recommend getting involved in anything that you enjoy doing - from knitting to bird watching.

Diet Bites is filled with thousands of articles to motivate weight loss and to support a healthy outlook on dieting and weight loss.

Diet Hot Spot #7. Diet Plans lack a Back-Up Diet Plan. 

One of the most important tools for a dieter.  Having a back-up plan may mean the difference between Weight Loss Success and Weight Loss Failure.  And we sure don't want that!

Be sure to get your qualified health professional's thumb's up before striking out on any weight loss plan.

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