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Shape of Our Shadow
Reminder to Keep Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Me & My Diet Shadow

Hark!  What evil lurks behind that pantry door?  Who is that masked cupcake - that bandana-clad donut and - gasp - that glowing-eyed mashed bag of potato chips ?  The Diet Shadow knows......

Have you ever noticed that the instant someone tells you that you can't do something, that 'something' becomes exactly the thing that you want to do?

Like...."You're on a diet now, so you can't have ice cream, you can't have candy, and don't even think about adding gravy to that slab of chicken fried steak on your plate."  

Wait!  How'd that steak get there? Accident, eh?

Nonetheless, while we are dieting most of us can't get through the day without having that four-letter word on our minds all day long.  Diet.  It won't go away.  It's always there - lurking in the shadows of our Diet Minds.  

For example, take Dieter Jim.....

It was Friday, a day of great celebration as the boss was retiring from the company. Demanding, uncaring, slave-driver, screwdriver - words cannot properly describe just how horrendous Mr. Jedi was at the office.

Dieting temptation.Now it happened on this great day of celebration that Jim was on a diet.  Worse yet, a doctor-prescribed diet, one of the most difficult diets in the World of Diets.  

The work team had just settled into their seats at the festive Mexican restaurant, a kicky band baying in the distance.  They were all wearing large sombreros that had been passed out by a beautiful hostess as they had entered the restaurant.

And as Jim had entered the restaurant and the scent of cheese enchiladas drifted through his flared nostrils, he thought, "Diet."

Minutes later, after he'd settled into his large square caveman-like chair, he had eyed the basket of fresh chips and salsa and thought, "Diet."

And all throughout the meal, as Jim continued to resist unfriendly diet foods he thought, "Diet."

Even when Jim's boss announced that due to the lovely luncheon he had decided to stay with the company for another year, Jim thought, "Diet," along with some other words that we can't mention at this family-friendly site.

Things & Situations Which Trigger Eating

Many times, the following things trigger our Diet Shadow to remind, "Diet."

Smelling foods or scents that are pleasant to us.

Tasting a food that we feel tastes divine.

Reasons & Seasons of Stress.

Nervousness & Insecurity.

As we are eating, particularly when we desire more servings than one.

Remembering our past, or perhaps a certain food associated with a pleasant memory.

Think Twice Before Eating, Avoid Overeating & Stop Immediately If You're Preparing to Binge

Our Diet Shadow is there to remind us, and yes.....sometimes to torment us.  Most of the time, we resent being reminded of our, "Diet."  However, our Diet Shadow can be a very good thing - an important Key to Weight Loss Success.

So the next time that you are hearing, "Diet" rap across your mind, rather than ignore that little warning OR rather than fall into a pool of frustration, take time to discover what triggered your Diet Shadow to speak to you.

Was it a particular food?  Were you at a social event?  Were you hungry, and just wishing that you didn't have to watch everything you were eating because you were dieting?  

These 'Eating Triggers' occur when we are dieting, and when we aren't dieting.  The difference is that when we aren't dieting, we do not tend to recognize the things that prompt us to eat.

We may know in the back of our minds that we are putting too much food onto our plates and into our tummies, but unless we are dieting, we don't pause and take stock until after the fact - and sometimes, not even then.

So work earnestly to identify your Eating Triggers whenever you hear that little voice remind you of, "Diet."  Soon, that word will be replaced with, "Yes!"

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