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Feeling in the Mood for Certain
Foods While Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites cartoon.

I'm in the mood for food...

It's summer and Jack is out hacking down the overgrown brush from behind his house.  His wife, Jenny brings him a tasty refreshment - hot coffee.  What?? Something is wrong with this picture......

Jack NEEDS a tall glass of something cold to quell his thirst.  Hot coffee is about the last thing he needs.  It appears that Dear Jenny isn't in tune with Jack's immediate needs.

It's not that she doesn't care for Jack - or that she doesn't love Jack.  It's just that Jack needs Mood Food - something to hit the spot.

At times, such is dieting.  

We suddenly receive a promotion at work along with a big pay raise, so we go out and celebrate at our favorite restaurant.  And as we're stuffing our tummies, our forgotten diet is saying, "Oh no!  I don't want another enchilada drowned in cheese sauce!  It's not what I NEED right now!"

Just as Jenny misread Jack, we misread our diet.  

When We're Dieting, We Never Forget We're On A Diet

It's not that we forget about our diet - how could we when it's on our minds 24-7?  We know it's there alright, just as Jenny knew Jack was hacking in the heat.  We've suddenly got the same scenario as Jenny.  

We need Mood Food - something to hit the spot that will go hand in hand with our diet.  Mood Food - not quite Comfort Food, not quite Diet Food - sorta right there in the middle but just healthy enough to satisfy both our Diet and our Mood.

Mood Food List, Foods to Eat When You're Having a Mood

Here are a few of our favorite Mood Foods.

Sexy Mood, Chocolate

Choose DARK chocolate which renders healthy heart benefits.

Passionate Mood, Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Again - go for the DARK chocolate for healthy heart benefits.  The strawberries add another layer of health.

Exotic Mood, Coconut Nectar

Serve the following in a hulled-out coconut: 1/2 cup of skim milk blended with a bit of fresh pineapple & crushed ice.

Feeling Sassy, Kiwi & Mango

How sassy is that?

Bold Mood, Hot Wings!

Go for the meat around the drumette; try to avoid the skin as it contains the majority of calories.

Sad Mood, Chocolate Milk

Use skim milk & grab a Crazy Straw.

Feeling Sick, Chicken Soup

Mom was right! A bowl of hot chicken soup is just the cure when it comes to achy.

However, please make certain you aren't feeling ill due to a restricted diet plan. If that's the case - no amount of soup will provide a miraculous cure.

Happy Mood, Cookies

Opt for the smaller cookies as you can enjoy more cookies than if you go with a big one. You'll feel like you're getting more food, too.

Feeling Nervous, Pumpkin or Sunflower Seeds

Unhulled seeds will feed your nervous energy without blowing your diet plan.

Feeling Tired, Grapes or Bananas

Freeze grapes so as they don't touch. Slice bananas before freezing. These natural poppers are delicious, healthy pick-me-ups. The banana is also a great source for potassium which combats leg cramps.

Adventurous Mood, Hot Buttered Popcorn

Grab the low calorie/low fat brands OR use a hot air popper and spray with no calorie butter spray OR light margarine, melted.

Festive Mood, Cotton Candy

Sure, it's a mass of spun sugar, but it's lower in calories than one might think - ranging from 120-240 calories per fluffy stick.

Bored Mood, Taffy

Great Mood Food for unlocking boredom.

Angry Mood, Bread

Pound out your frustration on a loaf of bread - by making a loaf. When you get happy again, you'll end up with something productive.

Feeling Lonely, Yogurt & Whipped Topping

Grab a 110 calorie (or less) serving of yogurt and spoon in 6 Tablespoon of LIGHT topping.  For less than 200 calories, you'll enjoy this Mood Food Friend.

Lazy Mood, Lolipop

For about 25-75 calories, it's a sweet treat that can be enjoyed one lick at a time.

Choose foods wisely;

Account for total daily calories;

Aim for low fat snacks and occasionally, rich goodies;

Be loyal to your weight loss plan and Weight Loss Success will come!  

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