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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting & Dancing Around the Donuts

Friday is one of the most popular days in the workforce for donut sharing.  

A generous coworker brings in a couple dozen Rings of Yeasty Glory and woe be to the dieter who is sitting astride the fence whose mind is frantically processing the following thoughts - which happen to come from our dieter named Diane:

"Should I get a donut?"


"Why not?  I really want a donut to go with my coffee. Why should I pass up a donut - a FREE donut at that just because I'm on a diet?"

"Because they contain too much fat, too many calories and they are fried. You know what fried foods do to your Hip Globes."

"Well, I'm gonna anyway.  I'll just have one donut.  Let me see....what kind of donuts did our sweet coworker Sally bring this morning? I really have a dilemma because there are glazed donuts - which I totally adore, and there are chocolate covered donuts which I cannot ignore and then there are donuts stuffed with fluffy cream - I think I'll have to have more."

Donuts, Coffee Cartoon


"More than just one donut. Perhaps a glazed and a cream filled Lusty Crust."

"You know you shouldn't."

"I'm hungry. So yes I should."

So Dieter Diane collects two donuts, and takes them back to her office cubical with her coffee.

The donuts are ultra tasty, and they go well with the freshly brewed coffee but about twenty minutes after Diane eats the donuts, she is in the middle of a Diet Guilt Trip.

She is feeling so miserable that she now considers she would have been better off resisting the donuts and experiencing the Feeling of Depravation than taking this wild ride on her Diet Guilt Trip.

"Boy, did I totally blow my diet plan," she thinks as she jerks a document out of the printer. Then, "Well, since I totally blew my diet plan, I don't care anymore.  In fact, I just might go to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.  In fact, I'm relieved that my diet is over.  It was too stressful - worrying about everything that I ate - constantly worrying."

It is at this moment when Sky wishes she could turn into a Diet Fairy and give Post-Dieter Diane a quick visit. This is what I say:

NO - you didn't blow your diet.

Sure, you had a few calories.  I'm guesstimating about 180 calories for the glazed donut and about 230 for the cream filled number.  About 400 calories, and when coupled with the bowl of cereal for breakfast - the total calories for the day thus far equals about 600 calories.

Yes, Diane is a bit on the high end for daily calories this early in the day, but it's certainly not anything that can't be remedied.

Rather than trotting over to the favorite Mexican restaurant, Diane should stick to a light lunch - something like a salad, a sandwich or a bowl of soup with a serving of bread.

Light Dinner, Wise Idea

Dinner should also be light - filled with some lean roasted meat and fresh veggies.

The last bit of advice for Diane is that next Friday, she should take in consideration that a coworker might turn up with donuts to go with her coffee.  

She should consider either skipping breakfast and sticking to one donut OR enjoying a serving of fruit for breakfast, then playing it by ear once the donuts arrive.

And if they don't arrive, she should have a back-up plan so that she won't go a-i-p at lunch time.

Although donuts aren't the healthiest goodies on the planet, a donut here and there certainly isn't enough to blow a diet.

So, remember the following tips to keep on track with weight loss.

Choose foods wisely;

Account for total daily calories;

Aim for low fat snacks and occasionally, rich goodies;

Be loyal to your weight loss plan and Weight Loss Success will come!  Remember - good things come to those who wait.

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