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A True Weight Loss Story

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Day Daddy Dropped His Drawers

The following is a true story that happened over forty years ago....

My father battled obesity his entire life. 

Fad Diets Galore

He tried the famous Grapefruit Diet, the Vinegar Diet and even a diet that involved a tiny chocolate candy called Aids (Diet Aids).

My Daddy was a comical man - almost always in an upbeat manner.  He was a cross between Jackie Gleason's Ralph Cramden and Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker, and many people thought he was a dead-ringer for Archie Bunker when it came to looks.

During one of his more successful Weight Loss Adventures, he was in the painting and construction business.  

Daddy got a call from a couple who were in need of having a bit of work done on their kitchen, so he set up an appointment time for them all to meet.

The husband got tied up and was unable to meet Daddy, so his wife invited a friend to be there with her when Daddy arrived.

So on this day when he met the ladies, he reached into the air to point out a cabinet that would require some special attention.

Before he knew what was happening, his pants fell down and he was standing there in his jockey shorts, locked in a mild state of shock.  

To make matters worse, when he reached down to pull up his pants, his belt had become entangled around his ankles and he was struggling hard to get his pants up as the two ladies giggled at him.

As he gazed frantically up at them, their husbands walked into the room.

Once Daddy had his pants up, he shrugged his shoulders and told the four of them, "Well, this is useless," then he left without further adieu.

Of course, Daddy returned home and spilled out the sordid tale to Mom and it's a family story that we've laughed over through the years.  Where my Daddy was concerned - there were many, many of these stories.

There is a moral to my Daddy's weight loss success story:

Dieting can be frustrating, leave us hanging in the wind,

But those who endure, will lose weight in the end....

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