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Baby Weight, Baby Steps

Written by Diet Bites

When Baby Steps Equals Weight Loss Success

It's a bit amazing that we all start out in life weighing close to the same number on the scales. Take Baby Jack and Baby John....

As time goes by, Jack's and John's weight climbs higher and higher as they grow taller and taller. Both boys inherited close to the same frame size.  Both are very active; and both lead a fairly low-stress lifestyle.  

Yet once they reach adulthood, Jack weighs one-hundred pounds more than the 150-pound John while both remain about the same height.

So how did Jack end up one-hundred pounds heavier than John?  

Like Jack, we gain weight one ounce at a time.  Ounces then add up to extra pounds. One pound, two pounds - ten pounds, twenty - fifty - seventy-five - one hundred and more.

Many times we may feel like we gain several pounds overnight, but weight gain is accomplished with Baby Steps.  An extra helping here; a candy bar there; a decrease in activity here; and some more fried-food there. And let's not forget the old gene pool.....

Unfortunately, our bodies are able to put on pounds quicker than they can drop pounds.  BUT the good thing is that extra weight will come off when we put a diet plan into action.

No - it's not easy to lose weight. We lose it in baby steps....

And it's wise to keep the following in mind when we embark on a diet plan.

- Weight comes off in Baby Steps - much like it was put on.

How to Speed Up Weight Loss Results

- Weight loss can be accelerated when combined with activity.

- Weight loss can be accelerated even more when we choose natural foods over processed foods.  A chocolate cupcake tastes heavenly, but it can't compare with the healthy apple when it comes to nutrition, low fat and low calories.

We Are Human & To Err, Is Human

- It's very important to acknowledge that we are human - and that just because we've put on a few OR a lot of unwanted pounds, we shouldn't be too harsh on ourselves.

Many people go on a diet but never reach their Weight Loss Goal in pounds.  However, they manage to drop significant pounds by watching their diet and adding more activity. Those lost pounds are worthy accomplishments!

So even if you diet and don't manage to cross the finish line, it doesn't always mean you've lost the race.  You're a winner!  Always - and don't ever forget that!

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