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Crossing the Bridge to Weight Loss Success

Written by Diet Bites

Pit Stop at the Old Weight Loss Plateau

Getting from Point A to Point B isn't always a direct route.  Such is the case for many dieters who have a few pounds to lose.  The more pounds there are to lose, the more Weight Loss Plateaus along the Old Diet Trail.

How many Weight Loss Plateaus?

I can only fall back on my personal experience.  Weight Loss Plateaus appear to occur about every ten pounds.  Ten pounds come off swiftly; the next ten come off like they are loaded onto the backs of snails.

When a Weight Loss Plateau seems to settle into your diet plan, think of it as a place where you can stop and allow your body to catch up with your weight loss progress.

Take a look at the picture below. There are two bridges, but they can only be reached by first passing through the gazebo. 

The bridges represent the Old Diet Trail.  The gazebo represents a Weight Loss Plateau.

No matter how frustrating a Weight Loss Plateau is, our bodies require time to reach a balance during the weight loss phase.  

During this time, it's very difficult to be patient.  

Many dieters give up on their diet, believing that it isn't working rather than sticking it out.  

A Weight Loss Plateau may only last a few days; other times - particularly in individuals who have a lot of weight to lose - the Weight Loss Plateau may last much longer.  And as mentioned above, there may be several Weight Loss Plateaus before the dieter reaches their final Weight Loss Goal.

How long does the Weight Loss Plateau last?  

Every dieter is different, making guesswork impossible.

If you find that you are harbored on a Weight Loss Plateau, try to keep in mind that you aren't stranded.  

It's just your body's way of catching up and balancing out before moving forward. So listen to your body talk.

In Summary, Tips for Losing Weight

Take advantage of this Diet Down Time to review your weight loss goals. Are you where you want to be?

This is a great time to go out and purchase a couple of sets of clothing that are a size SMALLER than you are currently wearing.  

The new clothing makes a great weight loss motivator, and you'll need them after the Weight Loss Plateau subsides and you cross over for the next leg of your Diet Journey.

If you find that the Weight Loss Plateau is hanging around too long, examine your daily calorie intake.  You may need to adjust to get the Weight Loss Plateau to budge. What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

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