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Dieter Jane's
Weight Loss Success Story

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

See Jane diet.  See Jane lose weight. Go, Jane, go!

Jane couldn't believe her ears.  She was so shocked that she dropped her freshly-typed report on the floor.

It wouldn't have been so bad if her boss hadn't been the one biting out such cruel words to her fellow co-worker.  

"Jane is very efficient but I must admit that I am embarrassed to have her represent me.  It appears that she keeps gaining more and more weight. If there happens to be an opening there," Boss Clara had continued in a whisper, "and I happen to have someone close to the source that assures me there will be - then I'd love to have you step in as my assistant, Betty."

Thank goodness Jane had managed to gather up her papers and slip away without being noticed by her boss Clara and her co-worker, Betty.

Jane started biting at her nails.  

My, she had a terrible dilemma. First of all, Clara's comments about her weight had really hurt. Secondly, it appeared that she may soon be out of a job.  She wasn't quite sure which comment to be the most upset about!

If her job was in jeopardy, going to the folks in HR to make a weight discrimination complaint might not fall in her favor.  And other than getting Betty involved, she had no real proof.

Like Betty was going to stick up for her when Clara had all but offered her the position of her new personal assistant?

Jane finished out her day by delivering her report to the Director of the department, Joe.  For an instant, she considered sharing her concerns with him, but had second thoughts, especially when he told her, "Jane, I'm very impressed with your work.  Don't think that others haven't noticed, either."

Jane offered a wobbly smile, then headed home for the day.  

That evening, she spent her time going over her daily routine at work.

Clara always kept her so busy that she didn't even have time for breaks.  It was probably the reason that she gulped down too much lunch, particularly knowing that she would probably end up working late.

And too much lunch was in turn, contributing to her weight gain. It wasn't only the amounts of food she ate, but the types of food. Her Sweet Tooth was getting the best of her daily diet.

And all those little containers of candy that her co-workers had at their stations wasn't helping her diet OR her Sweet Tooth, either. How could she resist?

At least Joe's compliments had left her feeling a bit more secure about her job, but still - why had Clara inferred to Betty that she would soon be losing her job?

Big Changes Equals Big Weight Loss Results

Jane made some major changes in her daily schedule over the next two months, going on to lose 30 pounds!

She no longer gave in to her co-worker's candy jars; she began taking a full lunch, dining on the healthy foods she prepared at home.

Whenever she found that work would be keeping her at the office a bit longer, she insisted on leaving for dinner, then returning to work.  

That did raise Clara's eyebrows a bit, but she didn't say anything.

Walking, Paired With a Healthy Daily Diet

She also walked as much as she could - parking further away from the building, taking the steps rather than the elevator and delivering reports on foot rather than via inner-office mail whenever she could.

Jane also discovered that stress had played a big role in triggering her cravings.  The more weight Jane lost, the less aggressive Boss Clara appeared.

When Jane arrived to work on Monday, Joe called her into his office and her spirits fell a bit.  This must be it, she thought - the big axe.

Joe smiled and told her, "Jane, I wanted to apprise you of this on the day that you delivered the corporate reports to me, but I wasn't at liberty to do such. Fact is, I'm moving up in the company and my boss would like you to fill my position. We believe you are perfect for the position. You'd be reporting directly to me. Nice salary increase, too."

Clara's boss? She would be Clara's boss?

Although Jane wanted to toss back her head and laugh like a mule, she held her own as she accepted Joe's offer.

Jane was already planning the topic of her first meeting with her crew: Weight Discrimination.

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